She says that she has received death threats and made it clear that Gomez has expressed his support for her.

One of the friendships that aroused the greatest interest on social networks during 2017 was the one between Francia Raisa and Selena Gomez since the renowned actress decided to donate one of her kidneys to the singer so that she could continue the tough battle she was facing against lupus, a disease with which she was diagnosed in 2014.


Francia Raisa assured that the Selena Gomez fans harass her after donating a kidney


Even though they were not seen together again at an event or interacting, according to the magazine, the two celebrities are still in contact; However, Raisa recently assured that she became the target of comments from the singer’s faithful followers, who even went so far as to threaten her with death.

In the middle of a conversation he had with the Studio City Saturday program, the star of “How I Met Your Father” indicated that he has repeatedly had to face all kinds of comments and even tried to appease the most threatening ones. since he spoke about the singer, who enjoys great popularity among his followers and defend Gómez tooth and nail.

The problems that Francia Raisa faces with the followers of whom she was her best friend have escalated to such an extent that, according to the actress, she now suffers from problems with her mental stability. Even one of the comments that caused her the most damage was: “I hope someone gets into your pussy and rips out your other kidney, damn whore”.

“I’m trying my best not to listen, not to read, I’m very happy living my life, sending love to everyone… I understand because I’ve been a huge fan of the person I grew up with, but it’s not nice, and I I would say, not just with me, but with anyone, please stop,” the actress concluded.

In the short conversation she had with the magazine, she added that even though the Outta My Hands and Me & My Girls singer doesn’t condone her bullying, she feels Gomez’s fans are trying to play a mental trick on her.

“She’s literally out there saying, ‘Please stop,’ so I don’t understand why she doesn’t stop, not just for me, but for others who are also being harassed online,” Raisa added to the American media outlet.

The estrangement between the two artists occurred after a comment Selena Gomez made to Rolling Stone, in which she assured that the only friend she had in the industry was Taylor Swift. Immediately, in the publication that the media outlet made on their social networks, Raisa left a comment that said “interesting”, which she deleted after a few minutes.

In 2017, the singer shared an emotional message to her fans on her Instagram account, in which she explained the reason for her absence and why she did not promote new music at that time. Along with these words, Gómez also replicated the scar left on her body after undergoing a kidney transplant.

“I found out that I needed a kidney transplant because of my lupus and I was recovering. I sincerely look forward to sharing my journey through these past few months with you soon, as I have always wanted to. Until then, I want to publicly thank my family and my amazing team of doctors… And lastly, there are no words to describe how I can thank my beautiful friend Francia Raisa. She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me. I am incredibly blessed. I love you so much little sister. Lupus is still very misunderstood, but progress is being made.”