The founder of Monobank Vladimir Yatsenko extended the competition for landing a drone on the Red Square.

Initially, the plan was to land a drone on the Red Square during the parade of 9 May. But scared Vladimir Putin not only cut the duration of the parade to 45 minutes, but he also pressurized 7 heads of foreign states to attend it, creating a “human shield” around himself.

So, landing a drone on the Red Square during parade of 9 May 2023 became impossible.

Several drones that planned to perform in the aerial show part of the parade, changed their course.

One drone went to the Square near the Ministry of Defence, others circled around.

Because of that, Yatsenko extended the competition. The prize is still available, but there is no designated date or time.

“First in, best dressed.”

Will the prize ever be paid out?

What do you think?