If you quit eating a food you are allergic to, then you are very likely to no longer be allergic to that product.

But on the flip side…

If you eat a food you are allergic to, your allergy will get worse.
And by getting worse, all other allergens you are allergic to will also get worse.
Technically, continue to contribute to your allergy symptoms.

Your allergic symptoms are additive. They all contribute to the symptoms.
If you are allergic to Honey (a very common allergen), Dust, and Cats.

You could quit eating honey, and no longer have a cat and your symptoms may very well disappear just by getting an air filter certified by AHAM.

AHAM is good. All they do is certify manufacturers of air purifiers and issue a certificate. All air purifiers manufactured by the supplier need to be certified.
Currently, there are about 70 manufacturers and over 500 purifiers AHAM registered.

It could take a year or two.
The antibodies that cause the symptoms, decrease at 50% per month if you do not come into contact with the allergen. Just cutting down the inhalation of dust may be enough to make it go away. As long as your allergy does not increase due to the dust, your symptoms will not get worse. If your dust antibodies decrease eventually the allergy may be gone.

With dust, you do not have to worry so much about the duct lying around.
It is the dust in the air that you could inhale.
When someone dusts when the dust is too plentiful in the air.

I had a couple of food allergies, cats, and dust.
When the symptoms appeared, I immediately got my blood tested.

When you get your food allergies tested get both IgE and IgG4 tested.
There are many I have found who are allergic only to some IgG4 foods.
IgG4 allergy symptoms are also delayed. Typically 4–48 hours.

Another good reason not to use skin prick docs.
You do realize today blood tests are very much better than pricks.
Science had advanced since when the skin prick was discovered in 1867, 156 years ago.

When getting blood tested it is not necessary to quit any medications as with the pricks.

I feel sorry when it hurts so much and it is unnecessary and the alternative is so technically superior to help you get rid of your allergies.
Maybe it was difficult with the pricks.
The exact numbers you get from blood tests say exactly home many antibodies are in your blood. You need to get relief from the allergens with the most antibodies.

Because antibodies are in the blood they circulate very evenly in the blood stream.
Not all allergens travel the body especially close to the skin. Especially the abdominal allergens. But they are evenly distributed in the bloodstream.

So unnecessary and ineffective. All due to politics and lies.