In a recent development, Prince Harry’s attempts at using the invisible children as leverage have been met with resistance from the royal family.

Despite his belief that he can manipulate his father, King Charles, into submission, Harry is being called upon to apologize for his actions.

The ongoing rift between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the royal family has left many feeling disheartened, as even amidst their differences, the breakdown of a family is undeniably saddening.

Since their departure from the royal family, Harry and Meghan have relentlessly attacked the British monarchy and its members.

While they claim to have merely sought to share their side of the story, it is widely believed that their actions were a calculated attempt to dismantle the institution.

However, their efforts have proven unsuccessful thus far, as the royal family has largely maintained their dignity in the face of these accusations.

One notable consequence of their behavior was the eviction of Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage.

It remains unclear whether this was directly linked to the release of their book, “Spare,” or if it was already on King Charles’ agenda.

Nevertheless, the timing suggests a connection.

Harry and Meghan’s infrequent visits to the UK and their strained relationship with the royal family made it impractical for them to hold onto the property.

Reports indicate that King Charles had considered relocating his brother, Prince Andrew, to Frogmore Cottage.

However, plans changed, and Harry and Meghan were ultimately asked to vacate the premises.

Harry’s response to the news, where he used the invisible children as a bargaining chip, only highlighted his entitled attitude and further strained his relationship with his father.

It is worth noting that this information comes from Omid Scobie, a trusted source for Harry and Meghan.

While it is surprising that Scobie would include such damning details in their book, it sheds light on Harry’s character.

Using children as pawns to exact revenge is a deplorable act, and it has only served to tarnish their reputation further.

Royal commentator Michael Cole has also expressed his disappointment at the situation.

He highlights the fact that King Charles has had limited contact with his grandchildren, demonstrating the sad state of affairs.

However, it is important to note that the king has no existing relationship with these children, making Harry’s attempts at manipulation futile.

Harry’s desire to reconcile with his family and spend more time in the UK has become increasingly apparent.

However, his approach thus far has been counterproductive.

Royal expert Angela Levin suggests that Harry needs to apologize and compromise if he truly wishes to mend the rift.

Unfortunately, his close ties to Meghan and her influence over him make it unlikely that he will take such steps.

Levin further emphasizes the need for Harry to invest time in rebuilding his relationships.

Merely rushing in and out of meetings will not resolve the deep-rooted issues.

It is clear that Harry’s inability to admit fault and apologize is a significant obstacle.

The royal family has not committed any wrongdoing, which renders Harry’s grievances trivial and petty.

Even if we assume that the invisible children are real and reside with Harry and Meghan in Montecito, using them as leverage is a misguided strategy.

The king already has a close relationship with his other grandchildren, who do not cause the same level of distress.

Harry and Meghan’s actions ultimately harm their own children, alienating them from their extended family, including the British royal family.

As we enter a new year, one can only hope that Harry reflects on past mistakes and considers making amends.

However, this would require him to distance himself from Meghan.

The question remains whether Harry will find the humility to apologize and seek reconciliation with his family or continue resorting to threats and blackmail.

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