‘It was my French origins coming out, said Eva Green in justifying her insults in court

French actress Eva Green has won the court battle fought between her and the producers of the science fiction ‘The Patriot’. The feature would have the 42-year-old celebrity as the lead, but it was canceled in 2019 amid rumors of chaos behind the scenes.


Eva Green wins multimillion-dollar lawsuit against producers


The legal battle involving the film began with Green asking for payment of her salary of £810,000 (R$ 5 million) and the producers reacted with a damages lawsuit, claiming that she sabotaged the project and cursed her project colleagues.

The star of ‘Os Sonhadores’ (2003) and ‘007 – Casino Royale’ (2006) will receive the amount established in his agreement with the producers even though the film has not been released.

When announcing Green’s victory in the trial, the judge responsible for the case classified her as a “frustrating” and “unsatisfactory” witness of what happened. He regretted the actress’s cursing and attacks against her colleagues on the set.

In text messages sent to people working on the film, she branded producer Jake Seal a “dishonest sociopath”, a “bad person” and “pure puke”. She called her co-stars and staff on the film “shitty rednecks”.

At trial, when asked about the attacks and name-calling, she blamed “her French origins coming to the surface” and also said: “Sometimes I say passionate things that don’t come true. It’s obvious, they’re not weak or stupid. I got carried away”.