A collector shared a series of photos where he exposed all the damage that the iconic garment now has.

For this year’s Met Gala, Kim Kardashian chose to wear the dress the icon of golden age Hollywood wore when she sang “Happy Birthday” at Madison Square Garden to United States President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

Unfortunately, the great weight loss that Kim Kardashian suffered in such a short time to be able to fit into the emblematic Marilyn Monroe dress was useless, since in the end, the socialite ended up damaging the garment as she did not want it to happen.
Despite all the weight she lost, Kim Kardashian ended up ruining Marilyn Monroe's dress

On the red carpet of the event, the reality star confessed that she lost 7 kilos in just 3 weeks to be able to fit into the garment, since she did not want to make any changes to it because it was considered a collector’s item. But apparently, all her efforts and efforts were in vain.

Scott Fortner, who specializes in collecting various objects from the late actress, took several photographs of the iconic garment, which is part of the Ripley’ Believe It Or Not museum exhibition, located in Hollywood, and shared through his Instagram account the damage that Kim Kardashian caused to the dress.

We can see the images through the account @marilynmonroecollection. There you can see the rips that it has along the back closure, in addition to the lack of some crystals and sequins, some of them are even hanging by a thread.

All this even though the museum, owner of the piece, assured in a statement that “great care was taken to preserve this piece of pop culture history, prioritizing its conservation thanks to the help of conservationists, appraisers and archivists of garments and avoiding any modification”.

Kim Kardashian assured that she only wore the dress for a few minutes, to show it off on the red carpet, since she did not dare to sit and eat with it on.