Meghan Markle recently found herself in the spotlight once again, this time with an unexpected title given to her by Team Nigeria, which has sparked controversy. The Duchess of Sussex, aged 42, made her debut appearance at a sporting event during the sixth edition of the International Adaptive Sports competition in Dusseldorf, Germany.

She was there to support her husband, Prince Harry, aged 38, in his efforts to promote this competition designed for wounded, injured, and sick service personnel and veterans.

During their visit, Meghan and Prince Harry attended an exciting wheelchair basketball match between Ukraine and Australia, engaged with children participating in the event, and spent quality time with Team Nigeria. Prince Harry had mentioned his wife’s support for this particular team during his opening speech earlier in the week.

The naming controversy began when Meghan, in a podcast appearance, shared that she had recently discovered her Nigerian heritage through a genealogy test. This year, Nigeria, along with Colombia and Israel, made its debut appearance at the Invictus Games, which featured 21 nations and 500 athletes in Dusseldorf.

When Meghan and Prince Harry posed for a photograph with Team Nigeria and the Nigerian flag, reports emerged that the squad had bestowed upon Meghan the titles of “Amir” and “Aussie Lolo.” These names were explained to carry significant meanings, with “Amir” referring to a warrior princess from legend, “Aussie” meaning blessed, and “Lolo” signifying a royal wife.

However, some Nigerians contradicted the interpretation of these names, arguing that Meghan’s titles were not a representation of actual Nigerian culture but perhaps chosen randomly. For instance, “Amir” could be interpreted as signifying royalty, which Meghan isn’t, as it primarily means a princess who holds a royal title by birth or marriage.

Moreover, “Lolo” typically denotes the wife of a chief in Nigerian culture, and Prince Harry does not hold such a title. In essence, the titles seemed more like a gesture of goodwill to welcome Meghan and Prince Harry to the Nigerian team, rather than an official recognition of royal status.

Meghan’s discovery of her Nigerian heritage had stirred excitement and intrigue, but the interpretation of these titles appeared to be more imaginative than rooted in authentic Nigerian tradition.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to have been successful in shedding their toxic couple image with their joint appearance at the Invictus Games. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had been rumored to be parting ways, but according to brand and culture expert Nikkida, they are not divorcing. Instead, they are trying to undo the damage caused by the Harry and Meghan documentary and Harry’s memoir, which had portrayed them as a toxic couple.

Their recent appearance at the Invictus Games seems to have helped them regain popularity, as they received applause and warm welcome from the crowd. Despite earlier divorce rumors, the audience cheered for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they made their way to their seats.