During day six of the 2023 Invictus Games in Dusseldorf, Meghan Markle drew attention as she made an unconventional move at the formal parade. The Duchess of Sussex opted for a belted short jumpsuit layered with a cream blazer, which was paired with black glazed leather mules from Saint Laurent.
She accessorized her ensemble with Bottega Veneta chain hoop earrings and a Leo zodiac diamond pendant from Brilliant Earth. Additionally, she wore a Lorraine Schwartz pinky ring adorned with diamonds, gifted from the Middle East, and a 1972 tennis pinky band from Tiffany & Co.

However, what caught the most attention was Meghan’s unexpected decision to leap ahead of the parade in an outfit that some found inappropriate for the solemn occasion. Her shorts were notably shorter than her coat, and she wore expensive slippers instead of appropriate sneakers.

This sudden move by Meghan perplexed onlookers and led to some questioning her actions. Some spectators even wondered if she might have been under the influence.

It appeared that Meghan’s motivation for her action was the presence of a Netflix camera crew, as she sought to position herself in the center of the frame. This left other veterans and participants feeling uncomfortable.

Critics argued that Meghan’s behavior at the event seemed opportunistic, with her prioritizing photo opportunities and PR over the solemn nature of the occasion. They emphasized that Meghan, who had left the UK amid her royal duties, was using charitable events to enhance her public image rather than genuinely supporting the cause.

Overall, Meghan’s actions during the event raised questions about her intentions and priorities, especially given the significance of the Invictus Games in honoring wounded veterans. Critics felt that her behavior at the event was inconsistent with the values of service and respect for veterans.