In a shocking revelation, it has been disclosed that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, allegedly pressured Prince Harry to sell the exquisite pearl necklace presented to her by the First Lady of Fiji.

The incident occurred during the couple’s whirlwind royal tour of Australasia, where they were warmly received by dignitaries and heads of state.

During their visit to Fiji, amidst engaging in market visits and traditional kava ceremonies, Prince Harry and Meghan had the honor of meeting First Lady Siroti Konroti.

It was during this encounter that Meghan was bestowed with an extraordinary gift – a breathtaking multicolored pearl necklace.

The necklace, measuring 18 inches, comprised of 37 high-quality pearls sourced from the renowned J Hunter Pearls, known for its exceptional pearl farming.

Each pearl exhibited a unique blend of shimmering greens, magnificent bronzes, brilliant blues, and gunmetal greys.

These rare and naturally multicolored pearls are derived from the Pinktata magnifera typica oyster, a subspecies of the black-lipped Tahitian oyster.

Their allure and distinct hues make them highly coveted by pearl enthusiasts worldwide.

Ms. Hunter, speaking to the Fiji Sun, expressed that the necklace symbolized the Fijian government’s commitment to the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in 2017, also known as COP23.

It served as a testament to Fiji’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

However, upon returning to their residence, Meghan was informed by palace staff that she could not retain the precious necklace.

This news seemingly infuriated her, leading to speculation that she may have reacted strongly.

Reports suggest that plates were broken, reminiscent of a Greek wedding, and that Meghan even contemplated stealing the photographs taken with the necklace.

Rumors circulate that Meghan was adamant about keeping the necklace and intended to sell it, possibly as a means to secure financial stability after the couple’s controversial decision to step back from their royal duties, commonly referred to as “Megxit.”

However, the late Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, intervened and prohibited Meghan from accessing the jewelry, ultimately preventing her from ever wearing this magnificent piece.

It is important to note that gifts received during official visits, such as the one undertaken by Harry and Meghan, belong to the British royal family.

These gifts, including those received for their wedding, cannot be sold unless they were specifically designated as personal gifts.

The royal family, as an institution, retains ownership of such items.

On a separate note, it has been clarified that Meghan herself will not be selling any possessions to support her family.

While she may influence Prince Harry’s financial decisions, her personal belongings are strictly for her use.

Recent reports indicated that Prince Harry sold a handmade item gifted to him by his grandfather, Prince Philip, which sparked some controversy.

While it is understandable that he may no longer wish to engage in hunting activities, the sentimental value of these items should have been preserved within the family or returned to Prince Philip himself.

This incident sheds light on the dynamics of Harry and Meghan’s relationship, where it appears that Meghan often influences Harry’s choices and lifestyle.