The paramedic stole an old lady’s money right after she died, and Spot’s hidden camera filmed him. The elderly individuals in our society are a vulnerable part of the population and demand respect for their time on Earth. This is why one paramedic’s actions not only infuriated the son of a deceased elderly woman but also have the internet up in arms.

On June 29, 2023, a much-loved great-grandmother who was 94 years old and lived alone became ill and lost consciousness in the garden of her home. Four paramedics were called to her home in Telford Drive, Shrewsbury, England.

They did their best to save her life using advanced life support, but sadly, she was eventually declared dead at the scene. The deceased elderly woman is survived by her son, Mike Drange. After the old lady passed away, one of the paramedics, 58-year-old Mark Titley, went into her house to find a DNR (do not resuscitate) form but found something else instead. Titley walked in dressed in his paramedic gear with his blue plastic gloves on and began to look around the house. Almost immediately as he entered, he noticed something on a desk.

Without hesitation, the paramedic walked straight toward it with what looked to be a curious demeanor. It was money lying unattended in a box made of plastic, and while there was a brief pause of consideration, he eventually picked up the bills and began counting them. Folding some bills up, he slipped them into his pocket, putting the rest back onto the table. Still with his hand in his pocket, he began to look around the room, only to spot and look straight into a camera. His eyes widened in shock seeing the camera.

Titley immediately retrieved the money from his pocket and returned it, appearing to try and organize it so it seemed untouched. Still, with a somewhat stunned look, Titley walked around to the desk and made his way to the camera. The crime came to light after the elderly lady’s son reviewed the footage with a camera and reported it.

While Titley denied his transgression at first, saying he was attempting to keep the money safe, which stood at 60 pounds, he eventually confessed. Consequently, Shrewsbury Crown Court sentenced Titley to a victim surcharge of 187 pounds, 530 pounds in cost, and 120 hours of work that would not be compensated for.

The court also suspended an 18-week sentence for almost stealing approximately 60 pounds from the deceased elderly lady’s home. The sentence is suspended for a year. It has since been found that Titley retired soon after the incident. Nathan Hudson, the assistant chief ambulance officer, was highly unimpressed by his former colleague’s actions, stating that all of Titley’s fellow paramedics would be shocked that one of their own did this, and he regrets how much of a stain it would put on those in his profession. However, he said he was glad the justice system came into play.

Hudson stated, “We are pleased that this was taken to court and dealt with by the criminal justice system.” However, this son, who said viewing the footage made him ill, has an entirely different view of the way the justice system worked in this regard. Drange believes that the paramedic received a light sentence. Drange decided to air his frustrations on Facebook. He uploaded the recorded footage of the paramedic stealing his mother’s money and how he believes he got off easy, writing, “Whilst my mother was being given CPR by the other paramedics, this happened.

Mark Titley, 58, on Lindley Avenue, Poncebury, retired from the NHS the week after on a full NHS pension. Denied the crime at his first court appearance, then received a suspended sentence and 120 hours of community work from his second appearance in court.

” The post, only shared days ago, has amassed around 17,000 reactions and 257,000 views. On top of this, there are nearly a thousand comments, most of which support Drange. There was a mixture of emotions from Facebook commenters, filled with a conglomeration of rage, shock, sadness, and compassion.

“Shocking. We’re supposed to be able to trust these people in our homes. So sorry to hear about your mom. I’ve worked in a hospital for the last 16 years, and I’ve honestly treated every patient as if I were treating my mother. This is disgusting.

Hope you get justice. My God, that’s so disgusting. The poor woman was dying at the time. How low can you get? This just makes one think, who can we trust anymore in public services?