Meghan and Harry have been accused of planning to release a secret royal bombshell in their upcoming Spotify podcast. The couple is said to be preparing to make a comeback to the streaming platform after a hiatus of several months.

According to a source, Harry and Meghan are planning to release a podcast episode that will be “full of royal revelations.” The source said that the episode will “shock and surprise” listeners and that it will “rock the royal family to its core.”

The source did not provide any specific details about what the royal bombshell could be, but they said that it would be “major” and that it would “change the way people see the royal family.”

The news of Harry and Meghan’s plans has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have expressed excitement about the prospect of hearing more from the couple, while others have expressed skepticism.

One person who is skeptical is royal commentator Angela Levin. Levin said that she believes Harry and Meghan are “playing a game” and that they are “only interested in publicity.” Levin said that she does not believe that the couple has any real “bombshells” to reveal.

Another person who is skeptical is royal historian Robert Lacey. Lacey said that he believes Harry and Meghan are “trying to stay relevant” and that they are “using Spotify to do it.” Lacey said that he does not believe that the couple has any real “revelations” to make.

Only time will tell what Harry and Meghan will actually reveal in their upcoming podcast episode. However, the news of their plans has certainly generated a lot of excitement and speculation.