Recent reports from the British media suggest that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the former American actress, may be heading for divorce. A royal expert has spoken out about the potential reasons for their troubled relationship, sharing their insights with a popular UK newspaper.
Fueling the divorce speculation, a leaked clip from a Montecito newspaper shows the Sussexes in Germany, where Prince Harry appeared to ignore Meghan’s attempts to engage with him. This unusual dynamic between them indicates a shift in their relationship. Harry seems distant and unresponsive, standing rigidly while Meghan attempts to connect with him. It’s as if Harry is determined to enjoy some personal space, without Meghan interfering.

Meghan appears to struggle when she is not in the spotlight or in control. Her exaggerated gestures and body language indicate a desire to be the center of attention. During moments when Harry should take the lead, she behaves like a shy and awkward girl, constantly seeking his attention and clinging to him.
It’s perplexing that she cannot simply walk beside or behind him without constantly touching or holding onto him. This behavior raises eyebrows and leaves many perplexed.

It seems Meghan is maintaining a facade to please Spotify and Netflix, but Harry appears to have given up on trying. His feelings are evident, and he no longer wishes to conceal his discontent. The Royal Family is likely observing these developments in Germany, witnessing Harry’s despondency and his yearning to be elsewhere.

This is not the first time Harry has shown the world his dissatisfaction. He made his feelings known during a public appearance at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, revealing his anger and the urge to confront Meghan in front of everyone. However, reason and circumstance prevent him from doing so.

One cannot help but wonder if Meghan simply craved the limelight and saw becoming a princess as her ultimate opportunity. Perhaps she entered the royal life with naive expectations of glamour, parties, and fancy dresses. However, as she realized the sacrifices and responsibilities involved, she may have wanted an exit strategy.

It’s intriguing to observe how awkward and lost she appears when she is not at the center of attention. This starkly contrasts with the confidence and ease exhibited by the late Princess of Wales when supporting her husband during royal engagements. Meghan, on the other hand, is discontent unless she dominates their public appearances. There is always an air of her craving attention and trying to divert the spotlight onto herself.

Moreover, according to Tom Bauer, the divorce proceedings between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are far more advanced than publicly known. Bauer suggests that many people in London believe Meghan is growing tired of Harry.

Additionally, some sources claim that Harry, the youngest son of King Charles III, misses his life in the UK, leaving him in a complex situation. While he has found his place and settled in California, he still yearns for his home, as stated by a former makeup artist and former friend of Meghan, in an interview with The Telegraph.

The evolving dynamics between Prince Harry and Meghan continue to captivate public attention, leaving many wondering about the future of their relationship and its impact on both their personal lives and public image.