Yesterday, in the Trial High Court, it was revealed that the Green KC has confirmed that Prince Harry paid substantial amounts of money to procure witnesses. The King also held discussions regarding the Duke’s return on Friday.
The court heard that a convicted phone hacker, who is assisting Prince Harry in his case against the publisher of the Mirror newspaper, was offered significant sums of money to secure potential witnesses.

Andrew Green KC, representing the Mirror Group Newspapers, informed the judge about this extraordinary practice. Green expressed his disbelief, stating that Harry’s actions seemed increasingly absurd with each passing day, as he was essentially buying witnesses.

Mr. Johnson, the KC, claimed that private investigators, previously employed by newspapers to locate individuals, were persuaded to provide evidence on behalf of celebrities, including Prince Harry. They were promised substantial sums of money as an incentive.

During the closing arguments for Harry’s hacking case, the judge requested Harry’s lawyer to present specific examples of evidence rather than mere assertions. The judge sought the best two examples of particular evidence that Harry could provide, highlighting the need for concrete proof.

It appears evident that Harry’s lawyers are attempting to deceive him and extract money from him due to the baseless nature of his case. As the saying goes, “a fool and his money are soon parted.” Earlier this month, Prince Harry was in the UK to testify in the trial against the Mirror Group Newspapers.

This Friday holds great significance as the landmark legal case concludes. News reports suggest that Prince Harry will likely return to London when the trial concludes to attend the final hearing and receive the court’s verdict on the case.

Furthermore, sources close to the palace revealed that Princess Anne and King Charles had a lunch meeting at the King’s residence, discussing Harry’s whereabouts as he flew back to London. The source stated that Harry’s return this time will be permanent as he prepares for his divorce proceedings.

It is during this time that he will work with UK divorce lawyers. Princess Anne suggested to King Charles that Harry be allowed to stay temporarily in a small cottage on the Royal Estate.

In related news, Sir Michael Stevens, the Keeper of the Privy Purse, confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan had vacated the five-bedroom property on the Windsor estate known as Frogmore. However, it is important to note that the Queen only granted them the right to use the property, not ownership of it.

On another note, the Princess Royal will be joining her brother, King Charles, and sister-in-law, Queen Camilla, for special celebrations during Royal Week.

The King and Queen are set to travel to Scotland in early July to mark the occasion, a tradition previously upheld by the late Queen. The royal couple’s busy schedule will include a special garden party, hosted at the Palace of Holly Woodhouse, to commemorate Scottish culture, achievements, and the community.