Rumor has it that Megan was married to a man called Joe Galliano before Trevor. Megan is reported to have been in a serious relationship with Joe Galliano for two years, and many on social media believe that they even got married.

The two met at university, and there’s even talk of secret weddings being celebrated but then canceled. It’s said that Megan would have gotten pregnant but then gave the child to foster care. In an image that has been circulated worldwide, we see Megan’s ex, Joe Galliano, holding a mulatto girl in his arms who looks just like Meghan Markle. There are photos on the internet of Megan’s first wedding to Joe.

Megan was pictured with bridesmaids, and she was seen wearing a long white dress. She appears to be pregnant in the photos, and it looks more like a party dress rather than a traditional bridal attire.

The truth remains unknown, as no one has spoken out about this delicate and thorny situation, except the Duchess’s half-sister, Samantha, who has made some interesting observations. Samantha exposed Megan as someone who has deceived everyone, especially her husband, who doesn’t really know her at all.

Some time ago, there were already rumors of a hidden daughter, which ultimately turned out to be the daughter of Megan’s best friend, Jessica Mulroney. Prior to marrying into the British royal family in 2018, Megan made no secret of her desire to have children, especially a baby girl.

In fact, she opened up to Hello magazine in 2015 about her plans to pass down a sentimental Cartier French tank watch that she had bought, with the intention of giving it to her future daughter.

Engraved on the back, it said, “To Meghan Markle, from Meghan Markle, and I plan to give it to my daughter one day,” Megan said at the time. It seems that Megan’s dream is finally coming true, as she definitely wants to have a daughter.

According to a source, she has longed for a little girl and can’t wait until she’s blessed with her own princess. Until then, Megan considers herself a second mother to her best friend Jessica Mulroney’s daughter, Ivy, and treats her like a secret daughter.

Megan really treats Ivy as if she were her own. The pair has an undeniably tight bond, and Megan is even said to be considering moving back home to be closer to her. They talk and Skype every day, and Megan always sends Ivy handwritten letters and sweet, thoughtful gifts. She has long thought of Ivy as a daughter.

Megan is also reportedly protective of Ivy and even encourages her to outshine her niece, Princess Charlotte. Page Six, citing Tom Bower, mentioned that Catherine, Princess of Wales, burst into tears after Markle compared Princess Charlotte to Jessica Mulroney’s daughter, Isabel, at a dress fitting.

The length of Charlotte’s hemline, the cut of the dress, and whether Megan’s bridesmaids should wear tights to the wedding were other points of contention between Markle and the Princess of Wales.

Kate thought the dress was too short and didn’t fit. Melissa Tabati, Megan’s assistant, and the dress fitters employed by Givenchy’s Claire Weight Color witnessed Megan emphatically rejecting Kate’s observations.

Ivy and Charlotte are two very different little girls. Ivy is the daughter of a wannabe fashion influencer, while Charlotte is literally a princess born to a future king.

However, Megan sees Ivy as an actual princess and favors her, as Tom Bower mentions in his book. Moreover, it is alleged that Ivy was the head flower girl and didn’t wear a flower crown because she had to stand out.