Princess Charlotte showed her empathetic, caring side with a subtle gesture to her great-grandmother, the Queen, during their appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony in the closing moments of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The young royal joined the Monarch, Prince Charles, Camilla, her parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and her brothers George and Louis for the historic moment following the People’s Parade.

But body language expert Judi James revealed Charlotte’s quick act proved just how like her mum Kate she is.

She tells The Mirror: “Charlotte stood to attention and sang the anthem as confidently as Louis beside her but she again showed her empathetic, caring side.

“When Beatrice was sobbing uncontrollably during Prince Philip’s memorial it was Charlotte who threw her a concerned glance, prompting Beatrice to smile to show she was ok.

“Here it was Charlotte throwing a similar look of caring concern to her great grandmother as the family sang the National Anthem.

“She seems to have inherited the trait from Kate, who stroked Louis constantly to keep him happy and who bent down to his height to talk to him once he had taken his place in the line-up.”

The Queen was forced to miss Friday and Saturday’s engagements, which included Epsom Derby and a Service of Thanksgiving, after the first day of events left her in pain. She’s suffered a series of mobility issues in recent months.

Judi also believes we learned a lot about the Cambridge family through their engagements over the long weekend.

As well as traditional engagements, we’ve also seen them in a much more relaxed setting including singing and dancing along at the BBC’s Party at the Palace concert.

She said: “William towered over the group but his smile of pride has been growing steadily throughout this weekend.