Details of the assassination attempts made on the royal family have been revealed

Royal assassination attempts are generally few and far between — but when they do happen, they tend to leave the public asking why. Of course, the answer is incredibly complicated; however, some perpetrators have cited social, historical, and political reasons for trying to harm a member of the monarchy.

After all, the British royal family may be international superstars, but they’re not exactly the world’s most beloved people.

From their past royal scandals to the monarchy’s economic burden on taxpayers, the firm is an endless source of controversy. While none of these issues justify murder, they do provide insight into the minds of some would-be royal assassins.

The monarchy’s image has also been sullied by the horrors of imperialism. At its peak, the British Empire had spread to 24% of the globe and ensnared millions of colonized people into England’s colonial project.

As historian Caroline Elkins told Vox, “The monarchy very much wraps itself up into the empire — deploying its symbols, its images, its familial language.” This helps us to understand why animosity toward the royals isn’t an exclusively English phenomenon — it’s also worldwide.

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