Is the Palace preparing to deceive us once again?

Rumors are swirling from various sources, leaving no doubt in my mind that a divorce announcement is imminent.

This will surely bring relief not only to Harry but also to the rest of us.

It seems that the couple has been living separate lives for quite some time now, coming together only for public appearances to maintain the illusion of unity.

Lady Colin Campbell suggests that this facade is orchestrated to appease Netflix, as their financial interests are intertwined.

Harry has openly expressed his struggle to fit in with the Hollywood crowd, which should come as no surprise to anyone.

The question now is how they plan to explain the absence of their alleged children, whom no one has ever seen.

This is where the Palace comes into play.

The divorce agreement is said to grant Meghan sole custody of these invisible children.

Naturally, people are questioning how two supposedly loving parents can spend so much time away from their kids, as observed by their constant travels without them.

The truth behind this charade will soon be revealed.

It is disheartening to see the Palace seemingly going along with this absurd royal scam.

If they truly advocate for Meghan having sole custody, it is infuriating that they are attempting to deceive the public.

The royal family finds itself in a chaotic situation caused by Meghan Markle, and instead of transparency, they appear to be opting for lies.

While the exact figure Meghan will receive to walk away remains unknown, it is highly likely that she will be compensated, and supposedly granted full custody of the children.

It is disconcerting to witness bad behavior being rewarded, as both Harry and Meghan exemplify.

In previous instances, the royal family has resorted to paying off individuals to make them disappear.

However, in this particular case, they need to think outside the box.

Simply buying off Meghan could potentially backfire in a major way.

Granting her sole custody of the invisible children would also imply that the royal family believes she is a better parent than Harry.

Surely, this cannot be the message they intend to convey.

If, as many suspect, these children do not exist, the royal family could position themselves as supporters of mental health, emphasizing their efforts to assist Harry and Meghan.

This would be a more favorable image for them.

Considering Harry’s well-documented struggles with substance abuse, it is likely that he would be deemed unfit for custody.

However, if evidence surfaces suggesting that Meghan shares similar issues, the fate of these invisible children becomes uncertain.

Non-disclosure agreements would not prevent staff and friends from testifying in court.

In my opinion, if Meghan does receive full custody, it would be appropriate to strip her of her prince and princess titles, as well as her duchess title.

There are even reports suggesting that Megan altered Archie’s birth certificate, replacing her real name with her royal highness title, which raises further questions about her actions.

One cannot help but worry about the implications for the future of the monarchy if the king grants Meghan full custody.

It would undoubtedly play into her hands and benefit those who support her, including republicans.

The king would be wise to tell the truth, as many people would support him in doing so.

However, if he is discovered to have lied, the consequences could be dire.

This situation should have been resolved long ago.

It is crucial for all the information to come out, allowing people to feel vindicated, express their anger, and raise important questions.

It is time for the royal family to be honest with the citizens of the UK and their other realms.

It is evident that Prince Harry did not conceive this scheme alone; he was coerced into it by Meghan’s influence.

It is high time for him to take responsibility for his actions and acknowledge his role in this mess.

As the red-headed boy wonder, he owes it to his family and country to do so.

Instead of lavishing Megan with a substantial settlement, the funds could be better utilized by donating them to those in genuine need.

It is crucial that we do not reward wickedness.

Let us not forget Megan’s lies and her behavior during Prince Philip’s final days, as well as her treatment of the late Queen.

Megan Markle will undoubtedly continue to spread falsehoods, regardless of the outcome.

The royal family must draw a line in the sand and send her packing without any financial compensation.

We cannot forget how she mistreated Princess Charlotte.

As an American saying goes, someone should have put her in her place.

A royal expert doubts whether the king would continue colluding in such a significant lie.

Merely transferring the responsibility to Megan by granting her sole custody of the children would not absolve the royal family of involvement.

Journalists would persistently question Harry and the royal family about the children, creating an ongoing source of stress and vulnerability.

Megan would exploit this situation to maintain her association with the royal family, manipulate the media, and portray herself as a victim trapped by them.

This scam is unsustainable, and the truth must prevail.

Starting anew, with honesty and transparency, is the best way forward for the royal family.

If Megan’s reputation suffers as a result, so be it.

Harry, on the other hand, will need to find a way out of the hole he has dug himself into.

The royal family has weathered many storms in the past and can survive this one as well.

Once the truth is revealed, along with the reasons for the cover-up, people will ultimately appreciate their confession.

They will experience relief as this tumultuous chapter comes to an end, allowing everyone to move forward with their lives.

While the story will undoubtedly be discussed for some time, it will become a relic of the past rather than an ongoing melodrama.

Harry’s mental health struggles have undoubtedly played a role in this situation.

King Charles’s primary concern is the well-being of his son, and rightfully so.

Given Harry’s history with substance abuse, there is a genuine fear within the royal family that he may overdose, either accidentally or intentionally.

As for Megan Markle, she seems to possess a remarkable resilience, much like a cockroach.

Perhaps she will find another wealthy partner to marry, or venture into business with her close friend Marcus Anderson.

Their potential is seemingly boundless.

However, Harry was never meant to be a part of Megan’s grand finale.

If she cannot profit from the invisible children, she will discard them as well.

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