Prince Harry has reportedly received a stern warning from his father, King Charles III, and his brother, Prince William. The message is clear: they will not accept his status as a part-time royal. The arrangement that the Sussexes have had since stepping down from their royal duties in 2020 has been a constant source of contention.

Despite relinquishing their roles within the Royal Family, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, retained their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This decision has sparked debates and calls for them to be stripped of these titles, especially since their move to the United States.

Tom Quinn, author of “Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family,” revealed that King Charles and Prince William share concerns about the current arrangement. They are aligned with the late Queen’s strong belief that one cannot be a part-time royal. According to Quinn, the Queen was firmly committed to her role, stating that her entire life, whether short or long, would be dedicated to serving the nation. She served the British people for 70 years with unwavering dedication to her duties.

Quinn emphasized that the King and Prince William are unlikely to accept a situation where Prince Harry can spend time hobnobbing with celebrities in America for six months and then selectively participate in royal events. This approach contradicts the core principles of the monarchy and the Queen’s commitment to her role.

Interestingly, it appears that many Americans themselves do not favor Prince Harry and Meghan retaining their titles. According to a poll conducted for Newsweek, only 26 percent of respondents supported the idea of them keeping their titles unchanged, while 28 percent were uncertain about whether the King should consider stripping them of their titles. This poll, conducted following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare,” suggests that Americans see a potential conflict of interest.

Following the release of “Spare,” Prince Harry and Meghan have announced additional projects, including venturing into the movie business, further intensifying the discussions surrounding their roles within the Royal Family.