The NF, which was founded by Prince Harry, has been accused of mismanagement and financial impropriety. The organization has denied any wrongdoing, but the allegations have cast a shadow over the upcoming games, which are due to be held in The Hague, Netherlands, in October.

The NF’s financial problems were first revealed in a report by The Sunday Times. The report found that the organization had spent £1.6 million on overheads, such as salaries and travel, in the past year. This left just £400,000 for veterans’ charities.

The report also found that the NF had failed to properly account for its spending. The organization has not published a financial statement since 2020.

The NF’s problems have been met with anger from veterans’ groups. The Royal British Legion has called for the games to be canceled unless the NF can provide a full explanation of its finances.

“The Invictus Games are a hugely important event for veterans,” said a spokesperson for the Royal British Legion. “But it is clear that the NF is not fit to run them. We are calling for the games to be canceled until the NF can get its act together.”

“We are disappointed by the recent reports,” said a spokesperson for the NF. “We are committed to the Invictus Games and we will provide a full explanation of our finances as soon as possible.”

It remains to be seen whether the NF will be able to weather the storm and save the games. However, the allegations against the organization have cast a shadow over what should be a celebration of the resilience and determination of veterans.