A local store in Montecito, California, recently found itself at the center of a heated controversy involving Meghan Markle.

According to YouTuber Trevor Colt, a staff member at the store refused a tip from the Duchess of Sussex, resulting in her being asked to leave.

Eyewitnesses claim that the staff member allegedly told Meghan to “keep your dirty money to yourself.”

This incident has sparked a wave of criticism against the couple, with certain YouTubers using their platforms to expose what they perceive as lies and misconduct by Meghan and Prince Harry.

Trevor Colt, a former veteran, veteran campaigner, and YouTuber, has been particularly vocal about his disapproval of Meghan.

Trevor continues to upload videos debunking what he sees as the Duchess’s falsehoods on YouTube despite having his channel demonetized.

In one of his original videos, Trevor shared an email he received from a neighbor of the couple, claiming that Meghan and Harry rarely interact with the Montecito community.

The email further alleged that they only offer generous tips at high-end establishments in an attempt to garner respect from the staff.

These reports have gained traction, with local papers such as the Montecito community paper and the Santa Barbara paper also publishing stories that support these claims.

Allegations include Meghan’s requests for staff not to make eye contact with her and even asking the owner to remove customers while she is present.

These revelations stand in stark contrast to the initial positive reception the couple received upon their arrival in Montecito.

As new residents, they were greeted with a gift basket and Meghan expressed her gratitude in a thank you note.

The store owner even praised her kindness in an interview.

However, subsequent events have led others to question her ongoing behavior.

Critics argue that Meghan may have used an unsuspecting shop owner to counteract the negative reports about her conduct.

The Montecito community, known for its friendliness, had extended invitations to the couple for various annual activities and social charity events.

However, Meghan and Harry seemingly disregarded these gestures, leading many to feel that their efforts were in vain.

Instead, the couple has been observed spending most of their time watching television.

Some have commented that Montecito is a bubble, a prestigious location favored by the wealthy and famous, and Meghan’s desire to be there may stem from her own narcissistic tendencies.

However, this recent incident has caused many to question whether she fits in with the community of narcissists.

This is not the first time Meghan’s behavior has come under scrutiny.

During her initial royal trip with Prince Harry to Australia in 2018, she reportedly had an unfortunate outburst.

The couple aimed to recreate Princess Diana’s legacy during their visit, but Meghan allegedly lost her temper and engaged in an abrasive gesture directed at a female staff member.

Tom Bauer, a writer, claims that Meghan displayed abrasive behavior towards multiple female staff members, as well as local British diplomats.

According to one report, she even threw a cup of tea into the air.

It is suggested that Harry’s habit of searching for negative comments on social media may have contributed to her anger.

The controversy surrounding Meghan Markle continues to grow, with each new revelation fueling further speculation and criticism.

As the Duchess and Prince Harry navigate their new lives away from the royal family, their actions and interactions will undoubtedly continue to be closely scrutinized.