There has been speculation surrounding the birth of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, with some royal fans suggesting that he may actually be a lifelike doll.

The doubts arose after Meghan was seen carrying what appeared to be a four to six-month-old baby at a polo match in July 2019.

Observers noted that Meghan seemed disconnected from the child, resembling more of a newly hired babysitter or a happily child-free aunt meeting the baby for the first time.

In response to the theory, Royal Watcher Deanna Eppers-Encora offered an explanation.

She claimed that Meghan wanted to distance herself from Prince William and Catherine, the Princess of Wales, which is why she and Harry never made their move into Kensington Palace.

Meghan feared that if they were in close proximity, William and Catherine would notice if they didn’t hear a baby crying or if Meghan removed her fake baby bump.

This may explain why Catherine never acknowledged Meghan’s presence at the polo match.

During the polo match, people were taken aback by Meghan’s behavior towards Archie.

She held him in an unusual position throughout the afternoon, and there was a photo of a man looking shocked at Meghan and the baby.

However, Meghan tried to avoid too many pictures being taken, making it difficult to find evidence to support or debunk the doll theory.

Social media users also joined the conversation, suggesting that Meghan was acting out motherhood as the child she was holding appeared to be a dummy.

They pointed out that Archie never moved naturally and that it seemed like Meghan was carrying a doll instead of a real baby.

One tweet even sarcastically referred to her as “acting like a mum,” while another questioned how she could nurse in her dress and criticized her lack of knowledge on how to hold a baby.

These doubts about Archie’s authenticity as a real baby have been circulating since just three days after his birth.

The YouTube channel Daily Empress released a video suggesting that Archie is a doll, based on his doll-like appearance.

The video also highlighted that he did not move during a photo opportunity with Prince Harry, further fueling the speculation.

In January 2020, Meghan was photographed taking a walk with Archie in a baby carrier.

However, she faced heavy criticism for how she was using the carrier, as Archie seemed to be hanging off sideways.

Concerned users urged Meghan to seek advice on safe baby wearing and to ensure that Archie was properly supported.

With all the evidence and observations, it’s no wonder that some people question whether Baby Archie is actually a doll.

The lack of natural movement and Meghan’s awkward handling of him have raised eyebrows.

While the truth remains unknown, the speculation continues to circulate, leaving many wondering if there is more to this story than meets the eye.