Recent survey results shed light on the British public’s sentiment towards Meghan Markle, suggesting that a significant majority, 96.69%, would not welcome her back to the UK. This is a stark contrast to the initial warm reception she received when marrying Prince Harry, with many celebrating their union as a step towards modernizing the monarchy.
However, this goodwill evaporated when Meghan and Harry chose to step back from their royal duties, relocated to the United States, and publicly aired grievances against the royal family. Their accusations of mistreatment and racism within the royal household left a sour taste, leading to their rejection by a substantial portion of the British public.

From an American perspective, this was a bewildering turn of events. Many admired Queen Elizabeth II for her dignified response to the situation, which only served to enhance the royal family’s reputation. It became increasingly evident that the public respected the monarchy more than Meghan and Harry themselves.

Nonetheless, Meghan’s actions, such as her recent documentary, have left a lasting negative impression on many, even those outside of Britain. The lack of respect shown towards the late Queen Elizabeth II during the documentary was particularly troubling.

It’s worth noting that while Meghan may have garnered significant attention and wealth through her actions, she did not succeed in her mission to dismantle the monarchy. Instead, she alienated herself from the royal family, leaving Prince Harry in a situation many view as controlled by her.

Harry’s role in these events is also highly criticized, as he was born into privilege and knew the importance of his family’s reputation. Yet, he chose to align himself with Meghan’s actions, causing damage and pain within the family and among the public.

It’s clear that Meghan Markle’s behavior has been a longstanding issue, from her earlier days to her actions within the royal family. Many who have encountered her throughout her life have felt wronged by her, and her behavior seems to have continued in her marriage to Harry.

The British public’s reaction to Meghan Markle’s behavior, as reflected in the survey, underscores the lasting impact of her actions and the importance of upholding the dignity and traditions of the monarchy. While Meghan may have gained attention, she did not achieve her mission to bring down the monarchy, and her behavior has left a trail of criticism and disillusionment in its wake.

Harry seemed content and genuinely happy in the past, especially in the company of William, Catherine, and the late Queen. Before his marriage to Meghan, there were numerous video clips capturing his joyful moments. However, it’s hard to believe that his situation was as dire as he claimed in his book.

What’s particularly troubling is his decision to involve his young niece, who was likely only about six when he began writing the book and seven when it was published. Dragging children into adult conflicts is unforgivable.

Harry’s concerns about Archie and Louis being “spares” in the royal family also raise questions about his intentions. In some ways, his actions and words are just as problematic as Meghan’s.

It’s worth noting that Meghan is an actress, and she has the ability to present herself in various ways, making it difficult to discern her true perspective. Many believe that they had to fabricate stories about the royal family to secure lucrative deals with Netflix, Spotify, and Penguin Random House.

Ultimately, Harry and Meghan’s behavior on two royal tours was far from ideal. Meghan came across as ungrateful, arrogant, selfish, and elitist. Harry’s failure to address her behavior is a significant issue.

Their pattern of lying, half-truths, exaggerations, manipulation, and accusations is clear to many observers. They seem to lack remorse for their actions and appear to believe that people will buy into their narrative, despite the evidence to the contrary.

While no one wishes ill upon them, many hope that they will finally retreat from the limelight and stop seeking attention. There were even rumors of them considering buying an island to rule as king and queen, but their resources may not allow for such a venture.

In the end, it’s a desire for a break from their constant presence in the public eye, rather than any ill will, that drives these sentiments.