Serena Williams has reportedly frozen out Meghan Markle by choosing her close friend, Victoria Beckham, as the godmother of her second child. The move is seen as a major snub to Meghan, who was once considered one of Serena’s closest friends.

Serena and Meghan met in 2014 and quickly became friends. They were often seen together at royal events and sporting events. Meghan even served as a bridesmaid at Serena’s wedding to Alexis Ohanian in 2017.

However, the relationship between Serena and Meghan is said to have soured in recent years. Some reports have claimed that Meghan was jealous of Serena’s success and that she felt that Serena was trying to use her for her own publicity.

Other reports have claimed that Meghan was upset that Serena did not support her decision to step back from royal duties. Whatever the reason, it is clear that the relationship between Serena and Meghan is no longer what it once was.

The decision to make Victoria Beckham the godmother of her second child is a clear sign that Serena is distancing herself from Meghan. Beckham is a close friend of Serena’s and is also a successful businesswoman and fashion icon. She is seen as a more reliable and trustworthy friend than Meghan.

The snub to Meghan is likely to be seen as a major blow to her. She has lost one of her closest friends and confidantes. It is also a sign that Meghan’s popularity is waning.

It remains to be seen how Meghan will react to the snub. However, it is clear that she is facing a number of challenges. She will need to find a way to rebuild her friendships and to regain the trust of the public.