In a recent royal tour, Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, has made it abundantly clear that Prince Harry will not be welcomed back into the United Kingdom with open arms.

The Princess Royal expressed her frustration over the comments and lies that he wrote in his recent book, stating that there is no way back for Harry, even if he divorces Meghan and begs the King for mercy.

In his memoir titled “Spare,” the Duke of Sussex claimed that royals were engaged in a fierce competition to top the list of the most public duties in the court’s circular, known as the Official Record of Royal Engagements.

He alleged that some members of the royal family were obsessed with having the highest number of official engagements each year, which led to friction within the palace.

While Harry did not specify names, he suggested that the list was rigged as it relied on self-reported numbers, implying that some royals inflated their figures to create the impression of being more hard-working.

According to a tally conducted by Reboot SEO Company using the court’s circular, Princess Anne attended the most royal engagements of any other member of the royal family last year.

She carried out an impressive total of 214 engagements, securing the top spot.

Her brother, King Charles III, followed closely behind with 181 engagements over the past 12 months, trailed by Prince Edward, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Prince William, Camilla, and Catherine, the Princess of Wales.

Princess Anne has long been praised for her unwavering dedication to the firm and is highly admired by both the public and her family members.

She emphasized the need for strict principles to control Harry’s actions, as his recent behavior has resulted in him becoming Britain’s most disliked royal, particularly among older demographics.

A recent survey conducted by YouGov found that Harry’s popularity has plummeted even further following the publication of his book, with many perceiving it as a money-grabbing endeavor.

Conversely, Princess Anne’s popularity has soared to the top, with an impressive 72% of those surveyed viewing her as the most favorable member of the royal family.

This is not the first time that Princess Anne has been hailed as the most beloved member of the royal family.

Previous surveys conducted by YouGov have consistently shown that the British public holds her in high regard as the least problematic member of the monarchy.

Known for her active engagement in royal duties, Princess Anne has stepped up even more since the passing of her mother and now serves as a valuable and trusted advisor to the king.

Her ability to steer clear of drama while working closely within the palace has earned her a special place in the hearts of the British public.

Historian Edward Owens, who has extensively studied the lives of the royal family throughout his career, attributes Anne’s popularity to her tireless work ethic.

He asserts that she is genuinely passionate about fulfilling her royal duties and recognizes the importance of justifying the monarchy’s existence.

In contrast, there are concerns that Harry may miss King Charles’ coronation due to the royals’ apprehension about private conversations being made public.