Northwestern University has recently been at the center of controversy surrounding Megan Markle’s educational journey.

A YouTube video has claimed that the Duchess of Sussex never actually graduated from the prestigious university and may have faked having a double major.

While Megan has consistently implied that she holds a qualified degree, the university has not provided any specific details about her education, leaving fans and critics suspicious.

The focus of scrutiny has been on Megan’s alleged double degree in international studies and theater from Northwestern University.

However, there is no concrete evidence from the university or any official source to support her claims.

The university faculty has remained silent on Megan as a student or role model, adding to the skepticism surrounding her educational background.

Accusations of plagiarism, lies, and cheating have also been leveled against Megan, leading some to speculate that she may have graduated from another institution and used her previous studies as credits.

However, she has never disclosed the name of the college she allegedly graduated from during her public statements.

One particular point of contention is Megan’s graduation photo, which supposedly shows her wearing the wrong attire for Northwestern University.

The university has a strict dress code for graduates, requiring them to wear a purple cloak with a black band and the college crest on the left side.

However, Megan’s graduation photo displays a different-looking black cloak with no crest and tassels of the wrong color on the wrong side.

This discrepancy raises doubts about the authenticity of Megan’s claimed graduation.

Furthermore, it has been rumored that Megan was kicked out of Northwestern University for an incident involving supergluing a sorority sister’s eyes closed during a hazing event.

To keep the victim quiet, Megan’s father, Thomas Markle, allegedly had to pay her off.

These allegations further tarnish Megan’s reputation and fuel speculation about the veracity of her academic achievements.

In contrast to Megan’s controversial educational journey, her sister Samantha has been praised for her real talents and achievements.

Samantha holds degrees in mental health counseling and vocational rehabilitation counseling, highlighting a stark difference between the two siblings.

While Megan herself has consistently implied that she holds a qualified degree, the lack of verification from Northwestern University or any official source casts doubt on her claims.

The university’s silence regarding Megan’s education has only intensified speculation surrounding her academic background.

As the scrutiny continues, fans and critics alike eagerly await further information from Northwestern University or any official source that may shed light on Megan’s alleged double major and graduation.

Until then, the questions surrounding her educational journey remain unanswered, leaving room for skepticism and speculation to prevail.