Sarah Spencer, the younger sister of Princess Diana, has reportedly banned Prince Harry from profiting from Diana’s name in a new film. The film, which is still in development, is reportedly about Diana’s life and death.

Spencer is said to be furious that Harry and Meghan Markle are trying to profit from Diana’s name. She believes that it is disrespectful to Diana’s memory, and that it is only being done for financial gain.

Spencer is also said to be concerned about the way that Diana is being portrayed in the film. She believes that the film is inaccurate and that it is not a fair representation of Diana’s life.

It is unclear what impact Spencer’s ban will have on the film. It is possible that Harry and Meghan will still be able to profit from the film, but they will have to do so without Spencer’s permission. It is also possible that the film will be scrapped altogether.

The ban is a sign of the growing rift between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the royal family. It is also a sign of the tensions that exist between Harry and Spencer. Spencer has been a vocal critic of Harry and Meghan in the past, and she has accused them of exploiting Diana’s name for their own personal gain.

The ban is likely to further damage Harry and Meghan’s reputation. It will also make it more difficult for them to profit from Diana’s name in the future.