In the year 2022, Sinead O’Connor commanded attention when she shared an incendiary email she had penned to Piers Morgan. Believe me when I say, she held absolutely nothing back.
Piers Morgan had been unrelenting in his scrutiny of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And as it turns out, Sinead had had enough. In a recently unearthed email, she unapologetically criticized Morgan’s apparent fixation on Meghan Markle, even suggesting that he was fervently desiring to be in her inner circle. Talk about getting straight to the point.

But that wasn’t all. Sinead also took a jab at Morgan’s seemingly antagonistic stance towards Prince Harry, implying that this might be rooted in a tinge of envy. Ouch.

Sinead’s reputation for passionately championing causes she cares about is no secret, and this instance was no exception. Now, let me tell you, that email was a masterclass in throwing shade. Sinead minced no words, ensuring that Piers Morgan got a crystal-clear picture of her feelings. You have to hand it to her – she’s unafraid and unapologetically candid.

Of course, Piers Morgan couldn’t resist crafting a response to the fiery Irish singer. He took to Twitter in an attempt to appear unfazed, though we can only imagine he might have been a bit uncomfortable under the scrutiny. He made light of the situation, humorously claiming he found Sinead’s shaved head more appealing than Meghan Markle’s allure. A valiant effort, Piers, but it’s clear he was doing some damage control.

And now for the dramatic twist – Piers took it a step further, bringing up Sinead’s son, Shane, who tragically passed away by suicide in January 2022. A truly heartbreaking move, this act illustrates the lengths some individuals will go to in order to defend their contentious actions.

Let’s not forget Piers Morgan’s previous run-ins with controversy, including his exit from ‘Good Morning Britain’ in 2021 due to his polarizing commentary on Prince Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah. Clearly, he’s not one to shy away from confrontation.