Rumors about the state of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship have been circulating on the internet, and now a revelation from a royal fan has added fuel to the fire.

Speculation and gossip among the couple’s detractors suggest that Prince Harry may be considering divorce.

Meghan’s recent absence from Westminster Abbey for King Charles’ coronation, as well as her sightings at a farmer’s market, have been taken as signs that she may be seeking a simpler life, potentially putting royal drama on hold.

One royal watcher, who goes by the name Cora, shared an interesting tidbit during a radio broadcast in Southern California.

According to Cora, an official report stated that Harry and Meghan are separated and are trying to understand where it all went wrong.

Harry was quoted as saying, “I don’t fit into Meghan’s tacky Hollywood dream.”

This revelation has left many intrigued, and it seems that things are about to get messy.

It is widely known that Harry and Meghan are living apart.

Harry is in San Ynez, while Meghan is in Los Angeles.

Although their separation is an open secret, whether they will proceed with a divorce remains uncertain.

As rumors continue to swirl about Meghan Markle’s relationship and career, her mother, Doria Ragland, made a public appearance at a Beverly Hills art exhibition with a friend.

This is Doria’s first outing since speculation began surrounding her daughter’s relationship with Prince Harry.

Her presence adds fuel to the ongoing debate about the state of their marriage.

The art exhibition, titled “Advantage Inn,” showcased works by artist Honor Titus, who shares Meghan’s passion for tennis.

Doria’s attendance at this event brings a sense of calm amidst the media storm surrounding her daughter’s life.

Some even suggest that Meghan used Doria as a shield against the divorce rumors.

Interestingly, despite being Meghan’s closest supporter, Doria Ragland seemed unaware that she had unintentionally criticized the former actress.

In the Harry and Meghan docuseries, Doria mentioned that when Meghan told her about dating Harry in 2016, she was excited and exclaimed, “Oh my god.”

This contradicts Meghan’s public claim that she was unaware of Harry’s identity when they first met.

Meghan later stated that their engagement was part of an orchestrated reality show, manufactured during the docuseries.

Journalist Michelle Hussein, who conducted the interview, has expressed her displeasure over this revelation.

It has been revealed that Harry and Meghan personally chose Miss Hussein for their engagement sit-down.

If Doria truly had no idea who Prince Harry was when Meghan revealed her new boyfriend, one would expect her to ask, “Who’s Prince Harry?”

However, this was not the case.

Meghan’s retelling of the story portrayed her annoyance with whoever told her Harry’s name.

This raises questions about whether Doria already knew who the Prince was.

Considering Meghan’s history of fabricating narratives to suit her current situation, it is difficult to believe that she had no knowledge of the royals.

There have been claims that she was already friends with Princess Eugenie, and she has mentioned Princess Catherine and other members of the royal family in the past.

Meghan’s tendency to rewrite her life to fit a particular narrative is well-documented.

For example, she allegedly converted to the Jewish faith when she married Trevor Engelson.

She even claimed to have Maltese heritage when, in reality, a relative was the only one born in Malta.

It is also known that she admired Princess Diana and watched her wedding and funeral on VHS tapes.

While these revelations shed light on the complexities of Harry and Meghan’s relationship, the future remains uncertain.

Only time will tell if they can overcome their differences or if a divorce is on the horizon.