Last week, Meghan Markle was seen strolling around the flower market in Montecito with her beloved pet beagle, seemingly carefree. However, amidst this outing, rumors of further strain between her and Prince Harry have emerged.
According to Bella magazine, Meghan is currently working on a new project – a tell-all book poised to reveal personal revelations from her marriage. The aim of the book is to get her side of the story across, as there have been times when Harry was less than perfect in their relationship, which he acknowledges.

Harry is concerned that Meghan’s memoir will shed light on some of his actions and moments where he might have fallen short as a supportive husband, especially during difficult times within the royal family. The tome, set to follow the release of Harry’s memoir “Spur” earlier this year, will delve into the difficulties Meghan faced and the instances she felt let down by Harry.

The couple’s mutual friends feel sorry for Harry, as they see him as someone who has gone above and beyond to sacrifice everything for Meghan’s happiness. They struggle to understand what he has done wrong. On the other hand, those close to Meghan believe that she still thinks Harry has a way to go in understanding the hardships she endured during their time together.

Meghan’s approach to handling upsetting situations has always been unique; she aims to make others learn a lesson from their actions. For Harry, this is what worries him most, as he anticipates some of his actions to become talking points in her book, what he calls a “teachable moment.”

This latest book news comes amid claims that the couple is constantly blaming each other, behaving like sore losers who refuse to self-reflect. Observers have pointed out that, under these circumstances, most people would retreat into the comfort and privacy of their estate for some self-reflection and growth. However, it seems the couple is entangled in a cycle of blame, rather than taking the opportunity to learn and grow together.

As Meghan and Harry’s relationship faces increased scrutiny, it remains to be seen how this new book will impact their dynamics and how they handle the challenges ahead.”