Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly seeking answers after they were surprisingly snubbed for an Emmy nomination for their six-part series “Harry and Meghan.” According to a source, the Sussexes are determined to know the names of those they believe orchestrated a campaign to prevent their nomination.
Despite their series breaking Netflix’s record for a documentary debut, with over 81.6 million hours watched within its first four days in December 2022, it was not recognized by the Emmys. Even its average viewership in the first week surpassed that of “The Crown.”

The couple is said to be deeply disappointed by the Emmy snub, as they were likely expecting a nomination for outstanding documentary or non-fiction series. The source from Heat magazine revealed that Harry and Meghan perceive this omission as a significant blow, and they suspect an orchestrated hate campaign against them on both sides of the Atlantic. They are keen on discovering who was behind this, and they want to know what they need to do to catch a break.

“Harry and Meghan” series shed light on their love story and their experiences as members of the royal family, offering insight into the inner workings of the institution. However, it also faced criticism for Harry’s public criticisms of his estranged family, especially with the release of his Memoir “Spare” in January this year.

Undeterred by the Emmy snub, the couple’s next documentary project with Netflix, titled “Heart of Invictus,” is expected to be released later this summer.