During the Sussex’s tour in Morocco, a controversial moment unfolded when Meghan Markle was apparently blocked from walking the red carpet alongside Prince Harry. In 2019, the couple arrived at Casablanca airport, where Prince Harry proceeded to inspect the guard of honor down the red carpet.
However, Meghan was stopped by a staff member and guided off the red carpet. Social media users speculated that she was told red carpets are reserved for royalty only.

Video footage of the incident sparked discussions and interpretations. Some body language experts analyzed the moment, suggesting that Meghan might have been shown where to wait while Harry conducted his military duties, and she would join him back on the red carpet later.

Another possibility was that Meghan, who was around seven months pregnant at the time, might have been offered a seat out of respect.

During their Morocco tour, Meghan’s behavior reportedly caused tensions. She apparently ignored local customs and received criticism from reporters for not letting Harry greet the king of Morocco first. Amidst the rumors and speculations, some reporters even referred to her as “repugnant” during the trip.

Additionally, a separate incident raised eyebrows when Prince Harry playfully asked Meghan if the baby bump was his, pretending to stuff a pillow under his shirt. Meghan, who is reportedly fluent in French, was also seen being prompted by Harry to speak the language.

Despite media scrutiny and rumors, it is essential not to jump to conclusions solely based on isolated moments. Context is crucial in understanding body language, as these incidents may not always be as dramatic as they seem.