Meghan Markle was surprised when her talent agency, WME, decided to end her contract shortly after rumours of the Sussexes’ divorce surfaced.
Meghan’s signing with WME believed to have been motivated mostly by her affiliation with the British royal family, notably Prince Harry. However, following the suspicion about their marital status, WME abruptly terminated their contract.

Angela Levin, a renowned biographer and pundit, believes Meghan Markle’s relevance originates mostly from her relationship with Prince Harry. Meghan would have far less power without him, she said emphatically.

While there are persistent stories of the couple’s trial separation, Levin added that Meghan appears anxious to demonstrate her individual strength. However, Levin is adamant that Meghan’s identity and public status are inextricably linked to her marriage to the Duke of Sussex.

Levin also stated that Meghan and Harry have not been in contact recently, remarking that whatever they did, they did together and were satisfied with that relationship. However, the situation has clearly altered. Levin’s comments correlate with rumours that the California-based couple’s marriage is in jeopardy, with sources indicating that they are navigating unanticipated hurdles. According to the insider, Harry feels out of place in Megan’s glossy Hollywood environment as he searches for his own identity.

Meghan Markle had previously signed with William Morris Endeavour (WME), a prestigious talent agency that represents celebrities such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and tennis champion Serena Williams. Meghan is now completely immersed in the entertainment world, three years after stepping down from her top royal duties.

Despite the fact that acting will not be her major emphasis, she will be working with WME CEO Ari Emanuel, agency Brad Slater, and agent Zeal Smaller. WME will represent the couple’s content creation label, Archewell, as well as work with Meghan on film and television production partnerships and overall business endeavours.

It’s worth mentioning that Meghan previously declared in a 2022 Variety cover shoot that she had no plans to return to acting anytime soon. Her focus, though, is in further developing Archewell and pursuing different storytelling avenues. She emphasised the power of love and how it connects with people all around the world, and she stated a desire to create content that isn’t always serious but also includes fun and light-hearted genres like romantic comedies.

Meghan and Harry’s collaboration with Netflix for content development is still ongoing, as they have already produced two docu-series, including “Harry and Meghan: The Sussexes” on the streaming site. Meghan’s contract with WME comes only days after the couple was caught together in public at a LA Lakers game vs the Sacramento Kings.

It remains to be seen how Meghan will navigate her profession and business interests independently while yet being influenced by her close relationship with Prince Harry as the future develops.