Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have recently faced harsh criticism in Hollywood, being labeled as “the Hollywood flop” in a scathing assessment of their showbiz careers. The Wall Street Journal was the first publication to deliver a cutting blow, featuring an article titled “Harry and Meghan Produce a Hollywood Flop.”
Rolling Stone also joined the chorus, publishing a piece titled “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are in Their Flop Era.” Columnist Daniela, writing for Australia, added her take, cleverly constructing an “ABC of the Royal Family” that painted a less-than-flattering picture of the couple.

The decline of Harry and Meghan’s professional fortunes has become one of the most significant stories in the royal world in recent weeks. Despite grand announcements about lucrative deals and their ability to produce captivating content, reality has caught up with them.

The couple had relied heavily on their royal status to catapult them to superstardom, but sources now claim that they failed to put in the necessary effort to earn their keep. Even their Netflix deal, once considered a sure success, is now under scrutiny due to poor performance.

In an attempt to pivot towards becoming internet influencers for fashion brands, the entitled couple seems to be fishing for new opportunities. However, sources suggest that being labeled as con artists or scammers is devastating to their quest for global domination in Hollywood. The suspicions surrounding their intentions have put other companies on high alert, questioning the authenticity of the Sussexes’ claims.

Following the Spotify scandal, rumors swirled that Meghan was on the verge of a $15 million deal to become the new face of Christian Dior, with Harry riding on her coattails to promote their male fashion line. However, the French fashion house denied any knowledge of such a deal, emphasizing that there was no truth to the claims. This sparked speculation that Meghan and Harry may have started the rumor themselves in hopes of securing a mega deal.

Insiders from the palace revealed that Meghan was more concerned with her own interests than attending important royal events such as the Queen’s funeral, the Platinum Jubilee, and Archie’s baptism. On the other hand, Harry seemed preoccupied with securing a Christian Dior suit for his father’s coronation in May, according to the same insider. These actions have only fueled the belief that the couple is disconnected from reality and unwilling to put in the necessary work.

Living in a fairy tale fantasy, Meghan and Harry hoped that retelling their struggles as a victim story would lead them to financial freedom. However, their plan has failed spectacularly, and now they are left with few options. Losing the Spotify deal alone is estimated to cost them a staggering $10 million, leaving them in dire need of new sources to finance their lavish lifestyle.

With expenses such as their $14.5 million Montecito home, security costs amounting to approximately $2 million per year, Meghan’s extravagant clothing bills, and extensive travel arrangements including private planes, the couple is facing a financial challenge. Moreover, they are also spending millions on Harry’s ongoing lawsuits in the British court system.

In an attempt to stay afloat, sources suggest that the Sussexes are desperately searching for new opportunities and potential benefactors. Megan may even consider reviving her lifestyle blog, The Tig, which she shut down in 2017 after her relationship with Harry became public. It is undoubtedly a humbling experience for the former royal duchess to fall from grace to become a desperate internet influencer.

Adding to the growing list of critics, Aussie and Sharon Osbourne’s daughter, Kelly Osbourne, took a swipe at the Duke, accusing him of incessant whining and complaining. It seems that Hollywood has finally wised up to the true nature of the Sussexes, and many believe it is about time. The source concludes by suggesting that the couple’s future prospects are becoming increasingly uncertain, leaving them with limited options in their pursuit of fame and fortune.