A bombshell revelation from Meghan Markle, who is pointing fingers at the royal family for Prince Harry’s behavior, which she describes as ‘insane.’ Could there possibly be a hidden family curse at play?
In a stunning documentary by the BBC, Prince Harry confessed to an environmentally conscious habit that has left his wife, Meghan Markle, puzzled. He attributes this newfound obsession to none other than his father, King Charles himself. Prince Harry revealed that his father is strict about turning off lights and has passed on this habit to both him and Prince William.

However, little did they know that this habit would grow into an extreme compulsion.

During the documentary, Prince Harry admitted, “We only need one light; we don’t need six.” This revelation seems to have irked Meghan Markle, who questioned the logic behind such extreme conservation efforts. She couldn’t understand why the family was so fixated on saving energy to the point of turning their home into a dark cave. This raises the question: could this be the result of a long-standing family curse?

Meghan Markle’s bombshell claim suggests that the royal family’s environmental obsession has turned into a compulsive behavior for Prince Harry, significantly impacting his day-to-day life. Is there more to this story than meets the eye?

But the environmental influence didn’t stop there. Prince Harry also revealed that his father took him and his brother litter picking during holidays, instilling another habit that they couldn’t shake off. While King Charles may have had good intentions, this habit led to Prince Harry being teased at school. However, he now claims to have been programmed to do it, as if it’s a family curse from which he cannot escape.

As if the family’s environmental influence wasn’t enough, King Charles proudly promotes his sons’ commitments to addressing climate change. Prince William launched the prestigious Earthshot Prize, aiming to incentivize change and repair the planet. Meanwhile, Prince Harry passionately highlights the impact of climate change in Africa and has committed his charity to achieving zero emissions.