There have been reports that Meghan Markle is frustrated with Prince Harry’s behavior, which she has reportedly described as “insane.” The reports come after Harry has made a number of public statements that have been critical of the royal family.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry said that he felt “trapped” and “controlled” by the royal family, and that he had been “silenced” by the institution. He also said that his family had “failed” him and Meghan, and that they had not been supportive of their decision to step back from royal duties.

Harry’s comments have been met with mixed reactions. Some people have supported him, while others have criticized him for airing his family’s dirty laundry in public. Meghan is said to be particularly frustrated with Harry’s decision to speak out, as she believes that it has only made things worse.

According to reports, Meghan has told Harry that he needs to “stop talking” and that he is “causing more damage.” She is also said to be worried about the impact that Harry’s behavior is having on their children, Archie and Lilibet.

It is unclear how Harry will respond to Meghan’s concerns. However, it is clear that their relationship is under strain, and that Harry’s behavior is causing Meghan a great deal of frustration.

Here are some additional details about Meghan’s frustration with Harry’s behavior:

* **She believes that he is being “irresponsible” and “unthinking.”**

* **She is worried about the impact that his behavior is having on their children.**

* **She has told him that he needs to “stop talking” and that he is “causing more damage.”**

It is clear that Meghan is deeply frustrated with Harry’s behavior. It remains to be seen how their relationship will be affected in the long term.