Prince Harry, your pale brother, is disliked by his friends and has made shocking claims that have left many of them genuinely disgusted and hurt. These revelations were made in his book, TV shows, and interviews.
After it was revealed that Harry didn’t attend the wedding of his supposed best man, Jack Mann, who was widely rumored to be his closest friend, some of Prince Harry’s friends expressed their disappointment.

In his memoir, Harry wrote that he and Prince William had announced William as his best man to create an image of brotherly unity. The wedding took place at a country church in Suffolk.

According to Rebecca English, a Royal expert speaking on a podcast for the Daily Mail, there are numerous people who are genuinely disgusted by Harry’s actions since he left the royal family. They feel deeply hurt by the revelations he has made. During their upbringing, William and Harry formed a close-knit circle of friends.

On the night of the royal wedding, Harry posed for a photo with Mann and his closest friends, including Adam, Henry, Charlie, and Mark, at Windsor Castle. This photo was featured in a Netflix documentary. However, it is now believed that Harry is no longer on close terms with several of these friends. In his book, Harry mentions that some of his close mates and beloved figures in his life chastised him, asking how he could reveal such things about his own family to Oprah.

In response, Harry argued that he failed to see how speaking to Oprah was any different from what his family and their staff had done for decades, such as briefing the press or planting stories. The only difference, according to Harry, was that he and Meghan were upfront about it. Not everyone agrees with his perspective. William was so worried before Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey that he lost his appetite and couldn’t eat.

According to Charlotte Griffiths, the Daily Mail’s editor at large, William secluded himself in a royal residence for a period of time to distance himself from the world. Kate Middleton stood by William during this time, determined to protect him from the ongoing criticism. Despite her reputation for shyness, she showed a steely resolve when it came to defending her husband.

Once hailed as the Golden Boy in the eyes of the American public, Harry’s popularity rating plummeted after his release of “Spear,” going from 52 to 7. This decline in popularity was also evident in their recent split from Spotify, where they were labeled as grifters by some. The feud between Harry and William has roots in Harry’s feeling of being overshadowed by his brother as an heir, which has only intensified since Meghan entered the picture.

The Duke of Sussex had no formal role at the king’s coronation, and while representatives for Harry clarified that this simply meant he wasn’t invited to be on the balcony with working members of the royal family, it deepened the rift between him and the rest of the royals. Harry even wrote derogatory remarks about Charles and William, further exacerbating the tensions within the royal family.