In 2019, Meghan’s ex-husband, Trevor Engelson, remarried at the Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel, the very location where Meghan and Harry staged their Independence Day video.
This coincidence raises questions about Harry’s frequent presence at the venue over the years. Curiously, instead of opting for other establishments like Soho House Malibu, Meghan encouraged Harry to select Rosewood, the very place where Trevor and his new wife, Tracy, exchanged vows.

Opinions on Trevor’s treatment of Meghan differ, with some suggesting he has shown her more compassion and kindness than she deserves. Despite the end of their marriage, Trevor has chosen to remain silent about their relationship, displaying remarkable dignity as he moves forward with his life.

However, Meghan seemingly struggles with the notion that someone can be happy without her. Perhaps she envisions herself as irresistible and assumes that Trevor should pine for her, considering their past together. Meghan desires to be the central character, expecting her ex to be consumed by longing, desperate to reconcile with her. Therefore, the fact that Trevor appears content, fulfilled, and unaffected by her absence likely irks her.

Comparisons between Trevor and Harry’s experiences with Meghan reveal a similar pattern. Initially, both men appeared happy and in love, but over time, pictures portray Trevor as stressed and unhappy during the middle and later stages of their relationship. Despite the challenges, Trevor has seemingly been rewarded for enduring his previous marriage, allowing him to move on to a stunning, affluent partner who can be trusted around children and animals.

While Meghan may attempt to claim ownership over Trevor’s wedding venue, she must face the reality that it remains a special place for him and his new wife, untainted by her influence. This behavior aligns with a narcissistic tendency, albeit a disconcerting one. Harry needs to understand that life exists beyond Meghan and hopefully, his ongoing struggles and future experiences with her will foster personal growth, leading him to reflect on the consequences of his actions and embark on an apology and forgiveness tour.

It appears that Meghan believes appropriating things will grant her power, whether it’s Catherine’s roast chicken, George’s security name, Charlotte’s baby clothes, or Trevor’s wedding venue. However, the essence of something unique cannot be claimed if others possess their own distinct qualities. Perhaps if Catherine were to speak at a feminist gathering, it would genuinely unsettle Meghan. Additionally, Catherine should arrange for a photographed encounter with Dr. Jill once again, as it proved to be quite interesting previously.

Observing the stark contrast between pictures of Engelson with Meghan and Engelson with his new wife reveals a peculiar dynamic. He appears more vibrant and fulfilled with his current partner, while drained and worn down during his time with Meghan. It seems she has an adverse effect on people’s well-being. Furthermore, let us not forget the audacity of Her Majesty’s nickname.

As we reflect on Trevor, it’s worth noting the rumors surrounding him after his relationship with Meghan ended. Although they likely originated from Meghan’s media allies, they paint an unflattering picture of him. Some perceive Trevor as self-involved and reliant on his parents’ support, akin to Meghan herself, who managed to marry into wealth. Personally, I find Trevor to be somewhat unsettling, and it remains unclear what his current wife sees in him. In marrying him, she has arguably chosen a less desirable path in life.

In summary, Meghan’s motives behind pushing Harry towards Trevor’s wedding venue remain shrouded in mystery. While Meghan aspires to claim ownership over various aspects, the world watches as her attempts fall short. As we witness the ongoing saga between Meghan and the British royal family, it is undeniable that she lacks what the Windsor family truly desires, except perhaps for the remnants of Harry, to assess whether anything is salvageable. Hypothetically, if Meghan were to disappear tomorrow, the British royal family would not shed a collective tear, that much is certain.

So, let’s return to Trevor Engelson. Despite negative rumors surrounding him, Trevor’s journey post-Meghan continues. His experiences exemplify that there is life beyond her, offering hope that Harry, too, will find personal growth and enlightenment in the wake of their tumultuous relationship.

In the realm of Meghan Markle’s past, Trevor Engelson played a significant role. With his well-honed chat-up lines and an air of self-confidence, he impressed Meghan at a noisy bar, boasting about his dedication to work and his habit of reading screenplays each morning from behind the glass door of his steam shower. Trevor’s life philosophy, which he shared with Megan, revolved around the belief that hope is the greatest currency in the entertainment industry. These lines, often repeated in Meghan’s speeches to young audiences, became her own life philosophy.

However, many considered Trevor brash and conceited, far from the genius he perceived himself to be. Shortly before flying to celebrate in Jamaica, Trevor and Meghan had a civil ceremony in Los Angeles on August 16th. The couple deliberately kept the date classified to prevent outsiders from discovering the details without a court order. Thomas and Doria, Meghan’s parents, were not invited to the ceremony. This decision did not surprise those who knew Trevor well. He was often portrayed as an acquired taste, someone who exuded self-importance. While Megan learned a lot from him and benefited from his financial support, their relationship had reached its limit. Trevor had become an opportunity, a starter marriage, no longer part of her family, or the latest family she no longer had.

In Los Angeles, Trevor could frequently be seen driving around in an ostentatious Porsche, the talk of insiders who associated him with Megan’s fading celebrity status. Despite his aspirations, he never achieved major success as a producer, leaving some to view him as a climber, akin to Megan’s own pursuit of fame and fortune in the entertainment industry. Perhaps he has matured since their relationship, but the man he was during his time with Meghan remains unappealing to many.

Just three weeks before the big party, Trevor appeared on a live podcast with two friends, where their discussion shed light on the stark differences between him and Meghan. While Trevor sipped from a hip flask and expressed his fear of splashing his suit while using a urinal, one of his friends suggested inviting Meghan as a guest on their podcast, given her fame. Trevor abruptly dismissed the idea, emphasizing her significance.

Another friend expressed confusion regarding the support some extend to him, given the limited knowledge of whether he is genuinely a good person. The fact that he willingly chose Meghan and remained committed to her for nearly a decade speaks to the type of person he is. However, it is worth remembering the adage, “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Trevor’s sainthood is doubtful.

The reason behind Meghan’s encouragement for Harry to choose Rosewood, the same venue where Trevor married his new wife, remains a topic of curiosity. It invites speculation about their connection and the complexities of their past.