In a new tell-all book, the Queen’s former butler, Paul Burrell, has claimed that Meghan Markle forced Prince Harry to skip 7 royal duties in order to attend the wedding of a billionaire friend.

Burrell, who served as the Queen’s butler for 11 years, said that Meghan was “obsessed” with attending the wedding and that she “put her foot down” and insisted that Harry go.

The wedding in question was the 2018 nuptials of Meghan’s friend, Misha Nonoo, to Alexander Gilkes, a British businessman. The wedding was held in Venice, Italy, and it was a star-studded affair.

Burrell said that Harry was initially reluctant to attend the wedding because he had other royal duties to fulfill. However, Meghan reportedly “gave him an ultimatum” and said that she would not go if he didn’t.

In the end, Harry agreed to go to the wedding, and he skipped 7 royal engagements in order to do so. These engagements included a visit to the Royal Variety Performance and a meeting with the Prime Minister.

Burrell said that Harry’s decision to skip the royal engagements was “a huge blow” to the Queen and that it “caused a lot of upset.”

He also said that Meghan was “completely indifferent” to the fact that Harry was skipping the engagements, and that she was only interested in attending the wedding of her friend.

Burrell’s claims have been met with mixed reactions. Some people have criticized Meghan for forcing Harry to skip the royal engagements, while others have defended her, saying that she was simply trying to support her friend.

Whatever the case may be, Burrell’s claims have once again raised questions about Meghan’s relationship with the royal family. It remains to be seen how the royal family will respond to Burrell’s claims, but it is clear that they have caused a great deal of upset.

In addition to the claims about Meghan forcing Harry to skip royal engagements, Burrell also made other allegations about the Duchess of Sussex in his book. He said that Meghan was “controlling” and “demanding,” and that she had a “difficult” relationship with the royal family.

Burrell’s book is due to be released on July 11, 2023. It is sure to cause a stir, and it will be interesting to see how the royal family responds to its allegations.