Oprah Winfrey rejected Meghan Markle’s demand for a role in the 100 Years of Warner Bros documentary. The news was first reported by The Sun, and it has since been confirmed by other media outlets.

According to the report, Meghan reportedly approached Winfrey about the possibility of being involved in the documentary. However, Winfrey reportedly declined the request, saying that she did not think it would be appropriate for Meghan to be involved.

It is unclear why Meghan wanted to be involved in the documentary. However, it is possible that she was interested in using the opportunity to promote her own work. It is also possible that she was simply interested in being involved in a project that was important to Winfrey.

Whatever the reason, Winfrey’s decision to reject Meghan’s request is significant. It suggests that Winfrey is not willing to give Meghan special treatment, even though they are friends. It also suggests that Winfrey is not interested in using her platform to promote Meghan’s personal interests.

The news of Meghan’s rejection is likely to be met with mixed reactions. Some people will be disappointed that Meghan was not able to be involved in the documentary. Others will be relieved that Winfrey did not give Meghan special treatment.

Only time will tell what the long-term implications of this decision will be. However, it is clear that this is a significant development in the relationship between Meghan and Winfrey.