We’re tired of the games, Harry. Where are your children? Do you truly believe that people want to see blurry pictures of dolls and manipulated images of rented children? If your kids are real, be proud of them and show the world what an incredible father you are.
We all know about the controversies surrounding your wife, who has made sensational claims, such as being involved in a high-speed car chase and manipulating hospital records and birth certificates. Do you think people are gullible?

Unfortunately, rumors are circulating against you, Harry. Many people believe that the so-called miracle births were anything but miraculous. Meghan Markle’s changing baby bump, which seemed to expand, deflate, and move around, has raised questions.

Perhaps you could address this rumor and put it to rest. Another concern is your claim that the late Queen was playing on the floor with Archie shortly before her passing. Yet, ground staff at the airport reported seeing you alone without any children. Can you explain this discrepancy?

It’s not looking favorable for you, Harry. Do you even have a spare few minutes to put our minds at ease? Or are you too busy arranging interviews with influential figures like the Pope, President Putin, and North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un? It must be challenging to be at the top, right, Harry?

One of the biggest rumors revolves around your current place of residence. Some claim that you spend days away from Montecito, staying at the San Vicente Bungalows, a private members club in LA. While it’s understandable that you might want to escape Meghan Markle, how can you bear to be away from your young children?

We can’t forget that morose photo of you, Harry. The one where a photographer captured your expression while a reporter shouted questions at you. Do you have any regrets? If you were to leave Meghan or if she were to leave you, issuing a public apology to the people of the UK and being honest about the controversies could lead to forgiveness. Trust me, nobody wants to see or hear from Meghan ever again.

And if, by some chance, there are children involved (though most people doubt it at this point), please bring them with you. Meghan won’t let them hold her back unless, of course, they can bring her monetary gain. The world is her stage, but she’s about to stumble, and part of me can’t wait for that. Harry, it’s time to return to reality and find a decent and respectable role for yourself.

Unfortunately, the Royal expert, Miss Janna Send, has expressed her concerns about Harry’s current mental and physical state. According to her, he has reached a point of no return due to the Stockholm syndrome deeply ingrained in his psyche after nearly six years of subtle manipulation by Meghan. The process of realization and recovery can only begin once Harry ends his relationship with Meghan, but it will undoubtedly be a long and arduous journey. Watching a man destroy everything and everyone he was raised to respect, love, and cherish is truly painful.

Now, the fact remains that Harry married Meghan. We don’t know if it was out of genuine love or mere lust, but regrets always arise when a once-strong connection starts to deteriorate. If, in fact, Harry and Meghan are not living together, there will likely be a cooling-off period as Harry consults his advisors and carefully considers his next steps. It is crucial for Harry to tread cautiously during this decision-making process.

In the event of a divorce, many questions arise. Would Harry even be able to remain in the United States? Would he choose to return to Great Britain? Moreover, would his family accept his request to resume his role as a working Royal? And what about Meghan? Would she attempt to return to the UK if the divorce proceedings took place there? These are pressing questions that demand answers. Additionally, the status of the alleged invisible children needs clarification.

Regrettably, the core of Harry and Meghan’s relationship is riddled with regrets, and finding a way forward will prove immensely challenging. Sorting out this entire mess will undoubtedly be an uphill battle. Thankfully, to a significant extent, Harry can rely on palace lawyers to take charge and handle the legalities. They are aware that Harry lacks the acumen to negotiate anything himself. Personally, I doubt that Harry would want to remain in America, as he seems out of his depth there.

Harry simply doesn’t fit in with Hollywood celebrities. His previous life within the palace walls was worlds apart from the Hollywood lifestyle Meghan promised him. She convinced him that he would attain fame as an A-lister in Hollywood, enjoying the perks that come with being a royal. Unfortunately, Harry believed everything she said. Whatever lies and problems Harry and Meghan have brought upon themselves, it is important not to completely condemn Montecito. It is a lovely place, and not everyone residing there is tarnishing its reputation. California, too, shouldn’t be judged solely based on Harry and Meghan’s actions.

I have friends from California who can vouch that most people there are not drug users, nor do they exploit their families for money. It is not typical in California to look down upon those who work for you. Most Californians work hard to make a living. Unfortunately, the majority of Brits only associate Montecito with Harry and Meghan, painting the entire town and state in a negative light. These two individuals are merely shallow and talented con artists floundering in an artistic environment, surrounded by influential politicians and genuinely intelligent people. However, they fail to impress. The sooner they realize that their quest for wealth and popularity beyond reason has failed, the better it will be for everyone.

Let’s not forget Harry’s claims that he was the closest person to the late Queen. He insinuated that he was her favorite and wanted to ensure she was properly cared for. However, during the last summer vacation, despite the Queen’s letters inviting him to spend time with her, Harry was the only family member who didn’t make the journey to see her. He procrastinated until it was too late, fighting to bring Meghan along, a woman nobody wanted around. It must have broken the Queen’s heart not to have one final vacation with her entire family. I sincerely hope Harry listens to this video and comprehends the extent to which Meghan has made a fool of him. Her life seems to be a series of calculated acts, and she clearly holds the reins.

There’s room for redemption if you can show humility and mend the pain you’ve caused your family, friends, and country. The day will come when everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Leave that nasty woman before she completely ruins you, Harry. Wake up and smell the coffee; she’s just using you.”