Sir Elton John is gearing up for his final concert of the UK tour, set to be a breathtaking show at Glastonbury on Sunday evening. On this special occasion, Prince Harry sent a heartfelt video message to the performer.

Fellow superstars Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney were also in attendance, which thrilled some fans who caught a glimpse of the video. However, most people at Glastonbury seemed unfazed, indicating that there may have been a minor disagreement between the royal and the singer in recent years.

According to Sade Hill on Cora, the true reason behind Sir Elton John’s fallout with Harry and Meghan is rather shocking. The rumor suggests that Elton might have recorded Meghan’s arguments with Harry.

The netizen wrote that since Harry and Meghan have a penchant for accepting freebies, Elton was more than willing to lend them his private jet. One might wonder why he wouldn’t, considering he has known William and Harry for their entire lives and has hosted them on numerous occasions. Elton is known for his generosity at his core.

So, what caused their falling out? Well, the rumor has it that Elton, possibly as a remnant of his paranoid drug days, has a habit of bugging his jet. The allegation suggests that the couple trashed him and claimed they were only friends for the sake of positive publicity and accumulating air miles.

In his memoir, Harry mentioned that Elton John invited him and Meghan Markle to stay with him in France in 2019 when they were feeling overwhelmed. Elton publicly defended Harry and Meghan amidst their criticism of the British press. He expressed deep distress over the distorted and malicious accounts in the press regarding the couple’s stay at his home.

During their visit, Harry recalled that the best part was witnessing Elton, his husband David, and their two sons develop a bond with Archie. However, on the last night of the visit, a disagreement arose when Harry discovered that Elton planned to serialize his autobiography in the Daily Mail. This publication had previously been the subject of legal action by Harry and Meghan.

Feeling compelled, Harry voiced his concerns and questioned why Elton would choose a publication that had made his life so miserable. Elton responded by expressing his desire for people to read the book, and Harry chose not to pursue the matter further.

He didn’t want to spoil the holiday, adding, “I love them, I’ll always love him.” Harry also expressed his belief that he and Elton had been manipulated by two people who felt entitled to act without facing consequences. He described both individuals as narcissists who believed they could do anything without scrutiny.

Harry’s narcissistic behavior, unbeknownst to everyone, had been ingrained in him from a young age, leading him to believe he was entitled and immune to repercussions. Diana would have been astonished by how Harry treated his family and her friends.

She would never have let him get away with it. Elton and Diana had a significant falling out, and while they reconciled to some extent, things were never the same between them. This is something Harry chooses to disregard, as it complicates the idyllic image he portrays.

And Elton, this is a reminder for you: Diana has another son whom you should consider. You cannot make amends with Diana through befriending her red-haired son.