The divorce rumors surrounding Meghan and Harry have taken a dramatic turn, revealing a web of lies, manipulation, and a deep-rooted desire for attention. It seems that their toxic charade is crumbling, and the truth is being exposed for all to see.

Get ready as we delve into the truth behind Meghan and Harry’s divorce rumors and the mystery surrounding their ghost kids.

First and foremost, a close ally of Meghan was questioned about the future custody of their children, and the response was nothing short of shocking. This astounding revelation raises doubts about the very existence of these kids. Could they be nothing more than pawns in Meghan’s game of publicity?

Have they been used as props to manipulate public opinion? The evidence suggests that these children may indeed be fake, mere illusions to serve Meghan’s insatiable thirst for the limelight.

But that’s not all, folks. The loyal fans who have been subjected to the toxic duo’s constant victim card playing are growing weary. They long for the day when Meghan and Harry are separated, putting an end to their self-centered drama. It’s time for them to take responsibility for their actions and stop playing the victims.

Even across the Atlantic in America, people are starting to see through Meghan and Harry’s charade. Reports have emerged stating that Americans are sick and tired of the couple’s relentless denigration of the royal family. Their strategy of playing the victim card is wearing thin, and critics and royal commentators are urging them to change their tactics if they want any chance of winning support and sympathy.

The consequences of their actions are becoming apparent. Meghan and Harry have lost their lucrative Spotify deal, and their invitations to prestigious events have conveniently vanished. The social elite in Washington and Hollywood stars are distancing themselves from the couple, recognizing the damage they have done to their own credibility and the potential to foster diversity in the royal family.

It’s evident that Meghan Markle has been the mastermind behind Harry’s controversial memoir. She saw an opportunity to be a celebrity influencer and played Harry from the start. Her true intentions became apparent when her wedding guests were mostly Hollywood celebs, not family. She had always set her sights on returning to Hollywood, using Harry as a stepping stone to fame.

Harry, too, finds himself in a precarious situation. Reports indicate that King Charles is increasingly frustrated with his behavior, and the rift between father and son deepens as Harry continues to publicly criticize the family. Even his relationship with Queen Camilla has been strained, with Harry labeling her a wicked stepmother during his recent visit to the UK.

Meanwhile, rumors suggest that all is not well in Harry and Meghan’s relationship either. They are living separate lives, and Megan’s control-freak nature has strained their bonds. Speculations surround the possibility of Meghan seeking a deal with King Charles to end the marriage once and for all.