Prince Harry does not have a hotel room that he allegedly uses to escape from his wife Meghan Markle, despite a new report claiming otherwise.

A rep for the Duke of Sussex debunked the report, telling Page Six, “This is not true.”

Sources had claimed to The Sun that Harry, 38, has a private room “set aside” in a luxury hotel near his and Markle’s Montecito, California, home for when he needs alone time.

The outlet further claimed that Harry — who shares son Archie, 4, and daughter Lilibet, 1, with wife Meghan, 41 — would also allegedly run to his “escape place” at San Vicente Bungalows, a private members club in Los Angeles with strict rules to protect its guests.

San Vicente Bungalows prioritizes the privacy of its exclusive guests through an extensive list of safety procedures, including banning the use of cameras while inside its facilities.

The clubhouse will reportedly place stickers over phone cameras of guests upon entering.

In addition to strict phone rules, guests are reportedly prohibited from discussing what they see inside the exclusive club. They are also banned from approaching other guests inside the clubhouse.

Meghan and Harry were photographed arriving at the hotspot together back in January.

San Vicente Bungalows in California
Harry has denied he has his own room at the hotspot

The former royal couple — who quietly celebrated five years of marriage this past Friday — has been in hot water since sparking controversy over an alleged “near-catastrophic” two-hour paparazzi car chase in New York City on May 16.

The “Real Housewives of New York City” alum slammed Harry and Meghan on May 16, saying, “If you know it’s going to be so incredibly horrible and the chase is so dangerous, slow down, stop the car, get out, go to a restaurant, take a break and wait it out.”

Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also seemed to dismiss the couple’s run-in with the paps, calling the incident “not really my priority.”