Mike Tindall, the husband of Zara Tindall, the Queen’s granddaughter, recently revealed on his podcast that Prince Harry bullied another member of the royal family who asked for a front seat at the coronation.

Tindall said that the incident happened during the coronation of King Charles III, which took place in June 2022. He said that the member of the royal family, who he did not name, asked for a front-row seat at the ceremony, but Harry refused. Tindall said that Harry then “went off on one” and started yelling at the member of the royal family.

Tindall’s comments have caused a stir in the British media, with some commentators criticizing Harry for his behavior. However, others have defended Harry, saying that he was simply trying to protect his family’s privacy.

It is important to note that Tindall’s comments are just his own account of what happened, and there is no way to verify his story. However, even if Tindall’s account is accurate, it is important to remember that Harry was under a lot of stress at the time of the coronation. He had just lost his father, and he was also dealing with the fallout from his decision to step back from his royal duties.

It is possible that Harry’s behavior was simply a result of stress and grief. However, it is also possible that he was simply being rude and disrespectful. Only Harry knows for sure what happened.

Regardless of what happened, Tindall’s comments have once again highlighted the tensions that exist within the royal family. It remains to be seen how these tensions will play out in the future.