In a shocking turn of events, both towers of a prominent building have mysteriously turned to dust in midair. A photo of the incident shows a cloud of concrete and a secondary cloud of steel beams, which were ejected a distance from the tower that is greater than the width of the building. Despite their small size in the photo, these beams are estimated to weigh hundreds of pounds, indicating the sheer force with which they were expelled.

What’s even more baffling is that these steel beams have traveled further on the horizontal axis than on the vertical axis before reaching the ground. This strange occurrence has left experts scratching their heads, as it defies the laws of physics.

The incident has also raised questions about the fate of the people inside the building. While no bodies were found, bone fragments were discovered on nearby rooftops. This leads to the suspicion that the building may have been destroyed by an explosive force, which pulverized the concrete and propelled the steel beams at high velocities.

The authorities are currently investigating the cause of the incident, but so far, no conclusive evidence has been found. The dust cloud has also caused concerns about the environmental impact of the incident, as the dust may contain hazardous materials.

As the investigation continues, the incident has left many shaken and searching for answers. The sudden and inexplicable destruction of the building has left a lasting impact on the community, and the search for answers is ongoing.

All of the the concrete from both towers turned directly to dust, in midair. Seriously, look closely at this cloud. There’s a secondary cloud of steel beams of approximately even size that appears to be moving faster than the concrete. Moreover, these beams have been ejected a distance from the tower that is greater than the width of the tower.

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These steel beams may appear small, but they are viewed from a significant distance. To be visible in this photo, they must be rather large, weighing hundreds of pounds.

There’s only one explanation for how these beams have traveled further on the x-axis than they have on the y-axis, before reaching the ground. And it is the same reason that bodies were not found, but bone fragments on nearby rooftops were.