There are still very little details available, however a video that has surfaced on social media purports to show a huge flame erupting from a location close to Khmelnitsky, Ukraine. Although that is just a preliminary evaluation at this time, the explosion’s profile is comparable to what we have seen when large quantities of ammunition or explosive storage locations explode in a chain reaction.

Following Russia’s first invasion in 2014, the destruction of Ukraine’s munitions storage facilities and the demolition of those facilities grew disturbingly frequent, although those occurrences tapered down in recent years before to the all-out war. The most dangerous and abandoned explosives, some of which date back to the Soviet period, have been destroyed in certain cases, but many still exist.

One of these facilities, which also housed additional explosives and rocket boosters for ICBMs from the Soviet period, exploded in a huge secondary explosion little over a week ago as a result of a Russian missile assault. It’s very possible that Russia is now prioritizing these locations as targets, either because to their enormous secondary explosion potential or the probable storage of more pertinent, contemporary weapons.

Regardless, if these films are authentic, a huge explosion has happened close to Khmelnitsky, a town that does seem to have one sizable facility for storing explosives on its borders. Although open source information suggests that this was the target struck, we are unable to confirm it at this time. It has not yet been provided any satellite images for May 13th that may be used to verify this.

If an enemy attack resulted in this explosion, it may have been a sign of a developing new trend.