On Friday, a sheriff’s officer in Franklin County, Kansas, pulled up a motorist for a probable DUI, but he had no clue what was in store for him.

At this point, driving while intoxicated is never funny. Even so…

The driver resembled a Bud Light can in terms of attire.

“Working as a law enforcement officer is thrilling since every day is different. You may sometimes see things that defy belief. The sheriff’s office posted a strange story on Facebook because it was just so strange.

The fact that the driver was dressed as a beer can startled the deputies. You did indeed read it accurately.

On Interstate 35 in this county, which lies southwest of the Kansas City metropolitan area, the motorist was traveling north.

A dashcam image of the traffic stop was published by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. It depicts the motorist and the deputy standing by the side of the road, both of them dressed like brilliant blue Bud Light cans.

The driver is holding out his arms while holding the beer can. The division covered his face.

According to Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Richards, “obviously it was significant enough that we thought it needed to be posted out on social media.”

In our line of business, we encounter unusual things, but that’s undoubtedly towards the top.

It had to be Bud Light out of all the beer can and beer bottle costumes available since the company has recently made headlines due to a marketing fiasco that extended to the NFL Draft in Kansas City last month.

Of course, the department’s Facebook post was flooded with jokes.

They had evidently been kept inside.

“Is it really under the influence if he is the one who is the influencer?”

Is it a container that can be opened?

“Only if his fly’s down.”

People speculated that the driver may have attended a Cinco de Mayo celebration, but according to Richards, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to the Facebook post, the motorist was detained at the county prison after being suspected of driving while intoxicated. It emphasized to the public that “as always, suspects are innocent until proven guilty.”

On Monday, Richards reported that the driver was no longer in jail.