The communication said that the information provided by Progozhin about the evacuation of the 72nd Separate Mechanized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces from Bakhmut was true.

According to the Ukrainian unit, the Azov tactical group of Ukraine has killed 64 enemy soldiers, wounded 87 more, and captured five during the last three days. Wagner PMC personnel made up a portion of those murdered.

The report continues, “multiple ammo stores, mortars, and multiple IFVs should be included as destroyed Russian weaponry.

Prigozhin made a video earlier on May 9 lamenting the paucity of munitions. In Bakhmut, he said, regular Russian army soldiers ran from their posts, exposing one of the sides.

Our army is fleeing because we have a minister of intrigue rather than a ministry of defense, said Prigozhin.

“Running fled because it was a tactical footing for the 72nd brigade to lose three square kilometers today, when roughly 500 people perished. They just hurried away after packing their belongings.

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