Image Source: YouTube

Image Source: YouTube

The warehouse of the Ukrainian Red Cross was devastated by a Russian missile strike in Odessa, according to the humanitarian organization.

The missile attack caused a conflagration that “completely destroyed the humanitarian aid that was in the warehouse,” according to an organization’s statement.

According to a press release from the Red Cross, the organization will now suspend humanitarian assistance in the Odessa region and several other initiatives.

Earlier today, it was reported that a Kh-22 missile struck a warehouse near Odessa, murdering the warehouse’s security officer and injuring three others. The Ukrainian publication Strana reported that the missile struck the warehouse of a local food supplier.

Vladimir Rogov, a representative of the Russian-appointed authorities in the annexed region of Zaporizhzhia, alleged that the missile assault targeted Ukrainian Armed Forces warehouses. The Russian Ministry of Defense did not mention the attack on Odessa in its most recent briefing.

Overnight on May 8, Russia launched a massive missile and drone attack against Ukraine, targeting Kiev and other cities.