1. Julie Andrews/’Mary Poppins’

Julie Andrews when she managed to land the role of Mary Poppins, she was just starting her film career, however,  her name was already known on Broadway so she helped her to be selected for the role.


6 actors and actresses who broke it in their first role


When Disney offered Julie the offer to be Mary Poppins in 1963, the actress replied that she would only accept it if she could not get the role of Doolittle in the film production ‘My Fair Lady’ and as we well know, the one who came out deserving of the role was Audrey Hepburn, so Julie accepted Disney’s proposal, which earned her an Oscar for Best Actress.

2. Cameron Diaz / ‘The Mask’

Cameron Diaz made her onscreen debut as Tina Carlyle in The Mask after casting director Fern Champion found her through her modeling agent, who worked in the same building as Champion.

Director Chuck Russell told Variety: “[Diaz] was the only person for the part, as far as I was concerned, after the first reading of her. And then I saw the chemistry between her and Jim [Carrey]. Eight callbacks later, including ad-libs with Jim, I finally convinced the producers.”

3. Edward Norton / ‘The Two Sides of the Truth’

Edward Norton started his film career off strong, playing Aaron Stampler, a stuttering altar boy accused of murdering a beloved archbishop, though Stampler might not be as innocent as he seems.

It was Norton’s first role, though he clearly steals the film from Richard Gere and Laura Linney. Norton even earned an Oscar nomination and hasn’t stopped delivering incredibly intense performances ever since.

4. Angus Cloud / ‘Euphoria’

Although Angus he did not expect to become a relevant character or that his career would take the road to fame, the truth is that since his appearance in season 2 of ‘Euphoria’, Angus became the favorite of many.

You will wonder how a “normal” boy can have gotten a role in a revelation series like ‘Euphoria’. The truth is that Angus Cloud had a normal life working in a chicken and waffles restaurant when the opportunity that would change his life came as if nothing happened.

It was the agent Jennifer Venditti who contacted him to propose an audition. Although he thought he was a scam, he dared to attend and that changed his life plans since he had considered going to Ireland with his family.

5. Anne Hathaway / ‘Surprise Princess’

6 actors and actresses who broke it in their first role

Although Anne had already participated in a series that had only one season, however, that role of hers in the series helped her get the role of her in her first Hollywood movie ‘The Princess Diaries’.

Already with her participation in this film, she managed to become a star and that helped her give free rein to her creativity, but at the same time, it took her a long time to shed the label of “good girl” and to be offered another type. Of papers.

6. Anna Paquin / ‘The Piano’

Anna Paquin made the decision to attend a casting that the creator of ‘Piano’ Jane Campion published in the newspaper. Anna showed up excited and encouraged by her sister, which caused Campion to fall in love with her immediately.

With this role, Anna managed to position herself in the world of cinema and thanks to her role, Paquin managed to win an Oscar for her performance at just 11 years old.